Bob, concentrate on the important things

I could give a rat's buttock about a nice new scoreboard, more toppings for the hot dogs, expanded concessions menu, police presence resembling a US airport...all of this is utterly irrelevant when the on-field product is an utter horror..truly one of the worst teams fielded in the long and storied history of the CFL.

You got your marketing all backwards, as you'll see with next year's season ticket base. IT'S THE ON-FIELD DISPLAY THAT WILL MAKE YOUR BUSINESS A SUCCESS IN THE LONG RUN.

Bob did announce on the 5th quarter that he thought ticket prices should be raised for next season.

Bob did announce on the 5th quarter that he thought ticket prices should be raised for next season.
Earth to Bob, Earth to Bob.

I'm out if prices go up. Already they have priced concessions out of reasonable profit margins so I quit buying. Put up ticket prices and instead of the possible upgrade I was considering I may not come at all.

Well, ratspit! We'll miss you.

Sorry we cannot get concessions with a MickeyD QC and "change back from your $5". let alone 92 seconds in the lineup to a concession stand.

Please go directly to an NFL stadium and discover "ursery" in its finest form for tickets, parking, concessions and/or anything else your sweet little heart can dream up.

Start cheering for the Argo's or Al's and see what you pay for tickets, parking, concessions or anything else, and you will find that the TiCats are a great buy in terms of costs of attending games.

Such being said, and I'll say this "once", I have to agree that tonight was a "horrible disappointment", marginally better than the outright "DISGRACE" that was on offer the last couple games.

We damn near lost this team under the old ownership, and are lucky to have it here yet. Bob Young freely admits his errors and keeps on guaranteeing a product, and keeps on improving. It won't be overnight, but it will happen, even if there's a lot more bloodletting to go on with the team and staff.

Playing in SkyDome/Rogers Center next week will be interesting to say the least, as at least tonight we got to see a Hamilton club that was motivated and got every unlucky brteak possible, and was probably "scouted" out of any hope...


For refusing to pay a 20% increase in concession prices in each of the past 2 seasons.

BTW I don't go to NFL or NHL games as they are grossly overpriced. I go to the Dogs and Cats PRECISELY because I get good value for my dollar. When that value remains constant and the price raises to unrealistic levels I'll leave. I've supported the Cats for longer than many of you folks have been alive, even when I was an Argo fan I attended 5 or 6 games a season at IWS so just recosider your wishing me and my type gone. Without us the Cats would not have made it TO Bob Young. I salute Bob for taking on a herculan task but until he realizes that there is a limit to our patience and budget he just might screw this up.

I don't mind ticket prices going up if our scouting personell find out if we are getting a damaged goods qb or other player and don't make the deal. And, of course, we land someone like a Casey Printers - that would be sweet, assuming he isn't damaged goods of course.