Bob Cole

He's a legendary broadcaster and during his day he was a mighty fine one but I found Old Baba Cole was really struggling during his calls of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Nobody expects radio-style "blind" calls where every play is described in micro-detail but Bob is just plain bad during his calls.

Still the same timbre of voice and trying to get folks revved up with hope and dreams but that's all he can muster up. The actual play on the ice is pretty much lost to him.

I fault Cole about 40% but Rogers/Sportsnet around 60%. They want the old fashioned pipes doing games but heck, Bob is going on 85 years old. Its not fair to him, and his legacy to trot out an old man incapable of following a fast and violent game. Too much stuff is happening and Bob can't get to the nub of it.

OK, the great LA Dodger caster shut things down on his own accord - but his single-man casts were pretty great right up til he turned 89 and retired. But MLB baseball moves far slower than NHL hockey and the guy could still stay on pace!

Foster Hewitt worked well into his 70s and was very good - peaking at the 1972 Canada/Russia series.

Bob Cole should be shut down and given a huge sendoff by Sportsnet/CBC/ all Canadian broadcast outlets. He's done a great service for pro hockey in Canada. Don't let him continue to soil himself.

I have been waiting for him to retire for more than 20 years. For a play-by-play guy, he is to wordy. He is constantly trying to anticipate a play, and then retract his description when it goes another way. He would make a great colour guy for all his knowledge, but as a play-by-play guy, not very good. I've tried closing my eyes while listening to him...I got a headache...didn't know where the play was, who had the puck, and even if the play had stopped, because he just keeps talking...PLEASE RETIRE, PLLEASE

I was worried, when I saw this thread, that he had died. That would have been sad.

I do agree, he should retire - let a young person have a chance at that job.

I'll take old Bob over Jim Hughson ANYDAY.

Hughson is just terrible, his voice is horrible, and he's a Canucklehead.

While I agree voice-wise Old King Cole (at 85) is superior to Hughson (61) - but that's where it ends. Hughson can be quite the indignant homer but he's heads and shoulders above Cole in terms of game call and the basics of player movement on the ice surface.

Also, uses his color man much better than Cole - Cole's color man drew the short straw - sorta like Duane Forde having a snooze while Run-On Rod Black blathers on.

Bob is too old to cover games - but Sportsnet really doesn't have much in the way of current personnel who can provide 3rd crew services. Mark Lee might be one idea (he's about 64) and Steve Armitage, until he got real sick would have been another.

Nice to see S=Net is not the only network who prefer soiling the sheets with obsessed veteran broadcasters. TSN is plagued by The (Rod) Black Plague - while Sportsnet is obviously trying to fool viewers by trotting out Old Cole.

Lyle, your bang on with most of your post....

That said Hughson is SO bad, that i'd rather watch the NBC telecasts when Hughson is doing the play by play.

But I liked Bill Hewitt, even when he was drunk on air.

Joe Bowen would be the BEST ever if given a shot at TV.

I too will watch NBC hockey - especially if "Doc" is doing the broadcasts. Sportsnet holds up Hughson as the crown jewel of their hockey coverage. Just because he has better visual recognition of play than Blind Bob Cole doesn't say much.

Interesting story about Hughson. He was the Brandon Wheat King (junior hockey) play by play boy shortly before I arrived to work in Brandon radio in 1980-81. He was a young kid doing casts with nary some community college radio training. His replacement at the time on Wheat Kings TV/Radio was Bruce "Bucky" Buchanan - a 5'10", 130 lb. twig who barely understood hockey fundamentals. So poor was his hockey comprehension that he ended up being the primary radio pbp broadcaster for the Edmonton Oilers for many years.

Can't remember who drew the short straw for the Wheaties after Buchanan bolted - but a couple mopes come to mind. Gord E. McDonald at CKLQ and Lester "The Molester" Lazaruk at the same outlet. Can't remember if the Wheaties allowed one or both to broadcast games. The both stank worse than a Burger King toilet. :cowboy:

Hey Lyle, good info, you've been around a block or two in your life, and I mean that in an interesting way.

Not a big fan of Cole or Hughson but Cole is old, needs to go.

I wonder if the OP is a Bob Cole fan as much as he is a fan of Sidney Crosby…

I agree with you guys. If Doc Emrick is doing the play-by-play on NBC I watch that broadcast instead of the Canadian one.

WOW...Brandon the story.

Sadly the biggest jerk I ever met in my life was a goof named Art Penner from Brandon.