Bob (Caretaker ) In regards to the food concessions....

Everyone here knows that the current concession food is at best, passable. Why don't you set your sights higher and offer great food, just as you are setting your sights on building a great football team?
I don't remember the name of the company who have been running these concessions but why not get rid of them completely ( it's not like any fans would complain , OK I'm sure someone will because they just love the concession food ) and use local companies to run the concessions like "Licks"
"Deningers" etc. At least these guys have flavour to their food. You would sure impress those who may have been to Skydome etc and had to eat the stuff they sell there.I know Deninger's is supposed to have a tent somewhere but get them and maybe someone else in ALL the concessions.( By the way I don't run a food business or have a friend that does that I'm trying to sell here.) See what other people here think.

I think your basic hotdog, popcorn, pop, and licorice(sp?) is all that should be needed, as it was so many decades ago. Go to the game, for the game, I say.

On the other hand, if they looking to make money off concesions, then it should be worth the price, which it hardly is anywhere.

Maybe get Lakeport to handle the beer. I'm sure they could do better than the ridiculously-priced $8 per beer.

Caretaker, you can post or not post, you're choice, but I do enjoy reading what you have to say, just like I enjoy what most have to say here, even if I might disagree time to time with what is said.
But the key thing is this:

Make darn sure the beer is cold!!! This is the key, along with, of course, making a trip to the game a good outing for young kids and families and not just for the minority "mens drinking night out" so to speak.

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Bring back Armark :thup:

I could go on and on but I won't, however, having a chance to compare prices yesterday by going to Canada's Wonderland I have issue.
They too have a "time" frame when they are open, however their pop and water prices were more than acceptable and food as well. For a Footlong Hotdog loaded and a 24 oz. pop was like $7.82. Last game I bought a disgusting piece of pizza (not even the size of what you would normally receive at a Pizza Pizza) and 2 pop $12.00 not to mention the 3.25 for WATER !!!
Game before that I bought 2 hotdogs that looked like it was left over from when I worked the concessions, it was unedible and the bun was stale when I tried to exchange it for something edible that went NO where. I was VERY disappointed

Now let's see, who could offer cheaper food and drink prices, 10 Cat games averaging what, say 26,000 per game or Canada's Wonderland which is open some 4 months of the year, every day, with an average, conservatively speaking, say 15,000 per day.
I'm no math genius but me thinks that it is a tad pricier to offer food for Cat games than at Canada's Wonderland.

This has been Tried Kays Was Once in Charge of concession

Due Problems with Last Mangentment
There now Gone.. I miss my Proggies..

I cannot decide if I am now hungry because of, or in spite of, this thread??? :?

THAT'S IT!!! You're officially on the s**t list....

you forgot the giant pretzels..... :oops:


It would be nice to have some other options rather than a hotdog at the grill.

If anyone else suggests Lakeport I'm going to flip out.

Ok Steelback...Then :lol: :lol:

the problem with Kays was that there bills, employees and the Last Management(owners) were not getting Payed

The concessions are one thing that hasn't changed with the new ownership...
They are still the worst of any public gathering I have ever been to anywhere.
Service and product.
With working 9 - 5 and the game being at 7, it would be nice if there was some real food options at the game.
But alas we get the same old, same old...