Bob Bratina for CFL Commissioner?

Hey Tiger-Cat and CFL fans with the recent announcement by Mark Cohon to step down next season in 2015 as the Commissioner of the CFL what do you think of a person like Bob Bratina the current Mayor of the City of Hamilton and great supporter of the Tiger-Cats, the CFL and past Hall Of Fame Broadcaster in radio for the play by play of the Tiger-Cats and Argo's, and as a host of the morning show in Hamilton on Radio Station 900 CHML

I think Mayor Bratina and not (Mayor Britannia As Rob Ford calls him) would be an excellent choice for the position of CFL Commissioner, he has mentioned in the media that he does not think he will run for Mayor again in Hamilton and is thinking about running for the Liberal Party in Hamilton East, but I think he would be a good commissioner of the CFL and certainly increase to promote the game of football in Canada.

Karen Stintz left her run for the Mayor's job in Toronto and says she would be interested in the position and it's great but I think the CFL needs someone with a working knowledge of the game and sport and Bob has that, what do Tiger-Cat fans think?

He has quite a Resume.

Mayor McCrazy? Surely you jest?

I Jest!!!

Ummmm no thanks

he didn't screw up our city enough, now you would turn him loose on our CFL?

ah, no.

I'm thinking ... Pinball Clemons

Michael Copeland ... Currently 2nd in command ... Will make an excellent Commissioner.

Michael Copeland is an experienced professional with an extensive international business development, management and legal background. He has worked in a senior executive capacity with the Canadian Football League since 2006. Copeland has responsibility for the League’s strategic planning, finance, sponsorships, licensing, legal, football operations, and administrative functions. During his tenure, he has managed several key initiatives for the CFL, including the establishment of a new salary cap system, the completion of a comprehensive new broadcast and digital rights agreement, the launch of instant replay, the negotiation of a new collective bargaining agreement with CFL players, which includes the introduction of the CFL’s first drug testing policy, and the return of CFL football to Ottawa.

Previously, Copeland held strategic business development and marketing roles within Molson Coors Brewing Company. Prior to Molson, Copeland spent three years with The Boston Consulting Group as a Senior Consultant with a focus on corporate strategy development. Copeland also worked with Deloitte Consulting in Sydney, Australia as a Senior Consultant and practiced corporate and commercial law with Blake, Cassels & Graydon in Toronto and Harrison, Elwood in London, Ontario.

Copeland has a law degree from the University of Western Ontario (1993) and an MBA from Western’s Ivey School of Business (1999).

Michael is a recipient of the prestigious Caldwell Partners/Globe & Mail “Canada’s Top 40 Under 40? award.

Michael is a member of the Board of Directors of WATERFRONToronto and Triathlon Canada.

Copeland is married with two daughters and lives in Toronto, Ontario. In his free time, he avidly participates in running and triathlon. He has completed the Ironman USA (Lake Placid) Triathlon, and four marathons.

That's your new commissioner ladies & gentlemen.

Bob Bratina would be an excellent commissioner of Compact Fluorescent Lamps.


       Bob Bratina is a good broadcaster and knows the game but I think being the CFL Commisioner is more about finance, good business sense, great marketing and a vision for the future. Whoever it is will need a proven track record with all of this.

It's a shame that forums and chat rooms have become like the sandboxes
unruly pre-schoolers and kindergarten kids toss toys and sand around in

and every topic soon becomes the toy of the "Everybody Is a Bum" crowd

Bratina as head of the CFL? I'll pass. I think that some fans forget when he was the 'commentator' at old Ivor Wynne. Every time that he awkwardly choked out 'Go Cats Go', the silence in the stadium was deafening.

He hasn't been a particularly good mayor. He's lousy with the media. He's prone to saying foolish things. Whoever replaces Mark Cohon doesn't need to be exactly like him. But he sure does need to be a lot more like him than Bob Bratina is.

That was Jason Farr.
Bratina was never the stadium announcer.

Maybe if the CFL stands for the Cnile Football League

You see, back in 1936 we used to spell in Cnile, because it used less of the pencil lead. By the way...the stadium should have gone to the West Harbour. Anyways, back in the depression, a man had to conserve as much lead as he could, since most of the lead was devoted to pipes back then. Back then we also didn't stand for the stadium being at no West Harbour. Anyways, where was I? Oh is your raise random employee, I mean I gave one to Peggy.

Yeah....would NOT want to see him as a Comish. Far too old, uninspired, seedy and waffle flipping for my liking.

I'm sure the job posting will read:

"Please note that current or former members of Hamilton City Counsel need not apply."

I stand corrected.

The rest of what I said about his mayoralty and his ability to deal with media and the public stands.


Who really cares! I have been a fan and supporter of the CFL for year but sadly this year has been a fiasco. The schedule was bad too many games east verse west which highlights the total lack of competitiveness in the league, Tim horton's field delays mainly attributed to taking way too long to decide where it should be built, low fan turnout in the east, not surprising; and the total inability of the cats to field a competitive team. Year in year out a defense the plays poorly allowing big yardage plays and way too many points against. Winning teams start with a solid defense and aggressive pass rush. In addition there is total inconsistency in the league with respect to officiating. Seems like western teams get away with aggressive hits eastern teams get penalized for the same type of aggression. While TSN is doing their best to support the league I find myself totally turned off with the CFL brand this year. It is not surprising the commissioner is leaving the writing is on the wall

Bratina is taking advantage of every opportunity to get on camera and associate himself with the "successful opening of THF on Labour Day."

I just want to remind everyone that the stadium is actually two months late in opening, and should have been built on the East Mountain, or at Confederation Park, and the fact that it wasn't is actually the fault of Bratina, who failed to sway council to put the stadium at those two much better locations.

Bratina would not make a good CFL commissioner, because he is obviously much more interested in forwarding his own political career right now than anything else.

I post this, not to get into a location debate. Everyone has their own opinion on where it should have gone, point is we now have an awesome stadium situated on historic grounds of Ivor Wynne.

I post this because Bratina himself couldn't pick a posistion, and if you need any more evidence of his waffling, well

Sir John A., then no West Harbour, then a downtown locale, then West Harbour, then McMaster Innovation Park, then Confed Park and then compromised back to Ivor Wynne.