Bob, are you satisfied with IWS sound levels?

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I would like to see if there is any feedback from the brass on this mantra...I mean issue fans have brought up regularly in recent years.

Oski Wee Wee,

To me this doesnt even seem like a difficult problem to solve, so there should be NO reason why it isn't.

As I said before, it is not as simple
as turning down a volume button
on the whole sound system, pseudo.

The sound technicians need specific informaton.

The more details we give the technicians, the better.

Such as, Sec. 25 row 12, Sec. 7 row 34.

That tells the technicians what Section needs adjusting
and it tells them how far up or down the problem is.

The speakers are up at the top
so the sound is always louder there
than it is down near field level.

I sit in Section 6 where some adjustments were made.

I sit quite high up...Row 34.

When the seats were full the sound was
not as loud as before but still loud

but, when the seats were just filling up,
the sound was often very, very loud.

I don't know if the technicians
work on the problem during the week
when the stadium is empty or not but....

in my opinion, they would be better able
to adjust the sound accurately on game day.

The whole thing is complicated by the fact
that people have different tolerance levels
preferences or appreciation for loud sounds.

Most people complain of the sound being too loud
but some people say the sound is not loud enough.


Like another poster mentioned, I, too
have head phones on listening to the game.

They block the noise and I get to hear
John Salavantis' wonderful game analysis'

Send your suggestions to Adam Provost at the Ticats,

He will work with the City to continue to improve sound, and everything else, at Ivor Wynne.

Cheers, Bob.

I take that as a ringing endorsement of any calming action to soothe the pitchfork brigade! :wink: :smiley:

I agree with Ron that fans must be seat-specific as much as possible when sending comments to Adam.

Moi: Laz-E-Boy recliner, Montreal, TSN, Channel 28, Videotron: TURN DOWN THE UNNECESSARY BETWEEN-PLAY RACKET and concentrate the sound programming to TV timeouts and delays in game action! Even when I came to attend a game in recent times, the spectre of actually hoping TSN's Leif Pettersen would berate some aspect of the Cats to drown out the canned PA cajoling would come back into my head... :slight_smile:

It is as much as sound-volume tweaking issue as getting the sound-sequencing right. It's not NBA where the music is played during the play, either, but the actual on-the-field action should never be interpreted as PUNCTUATION between P.A./music blasts by the sound team.

Our offense needs all the help it can get from the fans AND the sound team to give it the right balance of noise, first things first!

P.S. I am all for music being a major feature of the experience -- I really prefer the approach taken by the Bills at Ralph Wilson when I have gone to their games. Music that stokes the spontaneous fan energy is all right by me. My music tastes are on the heavy side (rock, blues, some metal), so AC-DC as one fan in another thread promoted is A-OK by me. A good mix of music genres with a push for high energy numbers is a good thing. Proportion though is as important as volume.

Oski Wee Wee,