Bob, are you nuts ???

I just got off the phone with Kevin at the Ticats office. All of sections 7 and 26 are now considered "gold". My total bill last year (section 7, Traditions rate) for a pair of tickets was $701.60. The total bill for this year will be $1100 ($990 earlybird). This is an increase of 57%. How can Bob possibly justify this?

I was told that they could find cheaper seats for me but I don't really want to move after being a season ticket holder for 35 years and establishing friendships with the surrounding fans for years. Of course, with this kind of increase, I doubt that many of them will renew, based on conversations that we had at the last home game. If most fans were honest, the best part about going to the game is to be with the fans around you, otherwise you would save a lot of money and just watch the game on TV, which may be my best option this year.

Bob, treating your most loyal customers like this is not good business.

Do what I did. Take the playoff guarantee as well and if we're terrible you get 25% back, or to the following season.

The price I quoted does not include the cost of the playoff ticket. The playoff ticket would cost an extra $55 per seat ($49.50 earlybird). If we don't have a home playoff game, I would be refunded the cost of those tickets. If we don't make the playoffs at all, I would get a credit of 25% of my seasons tickets towards next season. If we don't make the playoffs, what do you think the chances will be of another significant price increase? Of course, that may be suicidal for the Ticats.

A 57% increase is crazy.... Even if we had won the Grey Cup thats Just to big of an increase.... Cmon give the fans a break....

For a really bad football team they are asking for a lot of fan support they have not earned .Staying the same in terms of price yes.
But raiseing the price and doing a B.S.change of sections is insulting.

I can completely understand the reasoning behind some of the complaints, especially those coming off the Traditions Club.

Gold Seats (Canadian Club)
Traditions Club: $350.80
1 Year Price: $473.20

2008 Gold Seats
Early Bird: $495.00
1 Year Price: $550.00

The Traditions Club offered tremendous savings over several years. To the point that the jump between the Traditions Club and Early Bird price appears so drastic. Please contact us if you have any questions and we would be more than happy to help.

You would have to be nuts to pay the extra in section 26 . I see a mad rush to try and get seats in 27 and 25 .The view of the game in section 26 does not reflect the type of money they are asking to sit in that section !!!!

I think Section 26 actually has the best view. Dead centre, up a alittle bit, dont get the sun too badly. I'm just in 27 but can see why people might leave that section.

I'm in section 9 and the price has gone up $100.00 as I'm on a fixed income I will watch on tv.


I understand that when you show the one season rate from last year ($473), it doesn’t look so bad but how many people in Section 7 paid that? I’ve seen about 4 new faces in my area of about 60 people in the last 4 years. Everybody else would have been paying the Tradition Club rate because they are longtime ticket holders.

I appreciate that you empathize with us and I empathize with you for all of the abuse that you will be facing but it really doesn’t me feel any better about it.

I am coming off the Traditions Club as well. Kind of a kick in the teeth having a jump of $130.00 per ticket when I was thinking I wasn't going to renew. Unless I see any signs of hope in the coming months, I'll just buy a few tickets next year when I think the game is worthwhile.

I think the price changes with the exception of endzone seating are suicidal. Any season ticket sales over 14,000 would be surprising.

well im just happy now i bought my 46" HD tv.. looks like ill be watchen it more this season.. boo bob... wuts with this crap seriously..

The new prices are insane. I can’t believe that our Caretaker would sanction these prices in view of the product on the field over the past several years.

I don’t plan to change my seat, however, the lazy boy directly in front of my 52" H.D, TV is most satisfying, and nobody is spilling beer on me or using bad language either. (except me)

I have been financing several family member’s season tickets for years, but that will now come to an abrupt halt.

As if anyone believes or takes what you say seriously. You said CFL was “bush” anyway so who cares?

Bob Ballard?

Wow, somebody dropped the ball on this one. I think they should have at least phased this change in slowly, maybe creating a seperate class of seats for 26 and 7 specfically, and initially charging only a little more than in the past. They would have still been criticized, but that would have made more sense at least. A 57% increase in ticket prices in two of the most popular sections? What were they thinking??

with the traditions club ticket offer ending this year there should of been a price freeze this year to let all the traditions club members absorb the 3 or 4 years of price inceases then do a modest price increase next year
the way this was done just proves to me that this organization has NO RESPECT for the Fans and are concerned only about the almighty dollar

think Section 26 actually has the best view. Dead centre, up a alittle bit, dont get the sun too badly. I'm just in 27 but can see why people might leave that section.

  I sit in 25 and i have had seasons in 26 there is no difference and it`s not worth the money !!!!
(Zontar) As if anyone believes or takes what you say seriously. You said CFL was "bush" anyway so who cares?
What the devil are you talking about now?

Mods: Please lose this guy !!!!

You said the CFL was "bush". The org. "the joke of the league". You dont have seasons tickets and you stay home. Why should Young or anyone care what your views on ticket prices are?

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