bob ackles does not know how to advertise

I hate to say this but the bc lions do not desrve to get more thatn 40,000, they shaould take a crash course on marketing.

Here is what they should be doing and have done for the past two weeks, as soon as the wf tickets went on sale. some extre money, and advertise this game on 1040 every half hour. (i have only heard it maybe 3 time a day

2.take out a full page add in the province/ or sun,get a deal for leaving it there for the whole time you are selling tickets.(i have not seen any adds what so ever)

  1. Do what calgary is doing and set up some kind of pep rally downtown. where all the fans can meet the players and make it free at bc place, kind of what they did at the grey cup in 94.(i got friends who are hudge lions fans do not even know the lions are in the west final)

4.Advertise a hudge street party like the grey cup so the fan's have something to get excited about, going down there for the whole weekend of the game and make it a party.(the grey cup was the way to do it last year)

5.Start demanding more air time on 1040,(this your station too not just the canucks.Ask for a special lions show every day for about a half an hour,building up to the western final.( what i here is 90% canucks talk-10%lions talk).

The biggest thing you have to do Mr Ackles is get people talking about this game and i do not here any buzz at all, you guy's are treating this game like a regular season game and it is not going to work, the game is not going to sell it self, you have to sell it. Come Bob didn't you learn anything when you were in the NFL.?

You know, I totally agree, and I hate to say it but I think Bob Ackles has to move on and let another G.M. with some marketing savy step forward and take charge.

There has been no advertising for the Western Final. Dhaliwal said on NW they've only sold 24,000 tickets. What is going on here?

It's time for Ackles to move on. When you hear him on the radio you hear little enthusiasm, like he's just riding his contract out.

By the way, is this Ackles final season with us? When is his contract due?

i think he is here for one more season

He resurects the team from the ashes of Murray Pezzim and the Brick owner and you want to get rid of him?

Attendance has risen every year. What do you want?

Ok, first of all.. Bob Ackles is NOT the G.M... that would be Wally Buono. Second, Bob Ackles is not in charge of marketing.. that would be a group of people.. their names can be found Here

Wow, I cant believe you guys. If your friends are big Lions fans, they would know the Lions are in the Western Final. Everybody knew a month ago they were going to finish first, all the people at the last two meaning less games, 31 and 33 thousand respectfully know the Western Final is on the 12th. The outsider would not know that and are you willing to spend all that money to attract people who really dont care? You want to get the fans who go to two three games a year out and all at the same time. The advertising will come a week before the game when they know if it will be Calgary or Edmonton. They deserve our support, but only by those who care, want to go, spend the money and have some fun. Those who bash Acles are probably in thier 20's just joined going to games and have forgotten how far the business side has come. Your friends might want to follow the sports scene more closely and listen to 1040 if they are such big Lions fans.

Oh, sorry Sask fans, I meant Saskatchewan. Sorry Edmonton fans....anyways you got what I meant by teams. Enjoy

Ackles is not GM, but his role in the reserection of this franchise is undisputed. This is now an organization that wins and puts people in the seats more consistantly. I’ve been a hardcore fan since Jerry Tagge was QB and the early 80’s to mid 80’s and the current era stand alone. Great leadership filter down, it starts with our owner. Bob’s son will probably take over the business end in a year or two and if he learned from him we will be fine. replacing Wally will be tougher. I know some people think Wally makes mistakes and has not won as many Grey Cups as he should have here and in Calgary. I will take consistant winning and first place finishes over a random Grey Cup (2000 and even 1994 to some degree) any day.

I'l take winning seasons, exciting football and random / occasional Grey Cups too! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: