Boatmen @ Tabbie's

Labour day Monday, nothing like it :smiley:
A sold out IWS, Arland Bruce dying to play his old team, and the rookies who will get their very first taste of what a labour day game is like today. Gunna be fun :twisted:

It Going to be great Fun
I hope over the Next Two Games
we Sink the Good Ship Argo and end their Playoff Dreams

Good luck to the Tabbies, you guys deserve it.

Its way too early to think about ending anyones playoff dreams. One of these 3 teams will make the playoffs: BC, Toronto, Winnipeg.

GO ticats GO
eat’em RAW
move to 5-4

Great to hear that it's sold out.

If all of the seats are sold out at IW, than the walk up standing room crowd plus all of the endzone tents will be extra.
Concievably that can be what 1000+?

Argotom, you ever sit in the endzone tents at IWS or the sideline seats at the Argo's games?
I haven't. Not sure I'd enjoy the view.

When I went to IWS to see the Eskimos, I leaned over to my brother and said, "Who the hell would want to sit there?" Sure, they were protected from the rain, but I can't imagine the view was all that great.

I'll be cheering for the Tiger-Cats today. Boooooooo to the Argos and Count Chocula! (The person who came up with that is a genius!) :lol:

I'm not entirely sure but I think the other bonus to the tented seats is all-you-can-eat. Not that I need it.

First sell out since 2005. That's a lot of disappointed Cat fans today. :cowboy:

That sounds nice, but if I want that, I'll go to an actual restaurant. I'm there for a football game. When I was there, I got a slice of pizza and a hotdog. I scarfed them both down, and then got a coke. I would've gotten a beer, but I'd gotten drunk the night before, and was still a little hungover. :lol:

Woohoo Cats! I can feel the Argos starting to suck!

They are wearing the retro's AGAIN today. :roll:

What's with the baby blue unis the Argos are wearing? Are they trying to make the Ti-Cats go easy on them by wearing such sissy unis? :stuck_out_tongue:

It's the heart inside the sissy uniforms that is going to get it done. 8)


Those were cool hats. I also liked the Saskatchewan guy who had a Taylor FIeld hat. :lol:

On the subject of the game, Hamilton’s D knows there’s a game today, right? :expressionless:

Your Argo sense is a little off so far. :lol:

Haven't seen the Taylor field hat. But I do like the tribute to Cobb. He's been great to watch this season.