boatmen 2009

first of all congrats to adam for going against the norm here,thinking outside the box and not going with the easy decision and hiring someone from within the league that we all know about. i don't see any reason why the boatmen can not repeat the successes of mtl and cgy with coach andrus. with a solid nucleus of kj, bruce,dorsey and jbrown etc...a couple moves here and there, a solid draft of guys who will help now, not the "if he doesn't make it down south"guys they wasted picks on such as nick kasczur,there's
no reason why they can't be better. i'm not sure they can be any worse. the point i'm trying to get to is does anyone else feel that there may be a new OC in t.o. by the name of dave dickenson? just by reading the q&a with coach andrus, he really trusts dave.
remember people, you hire people that will help you keep your job.maybe the argos will sign dickenson after all,to coach.

city legend

I think the Argos just copied what the Als and Stamps did by hiring an American coach from the NFL. They saw how successful they were this past year and hopped on the bandwagon.

With the Argos going into rebuilding mode, they need a veteran, experienced CFL coach like Dave Ritchie.

The problem with the hire is that their coordinators aren't that good. In Montreal and Calgary, they had good coordinators who are able to lead thier respective sides of the ball and the coach can be a coach.

You don't need CFL experience to be a good coach. Trestman proved this last year but he had 2 good coordinators and a ton of vets. The Argos have Kavis Reed and Greg Mohns as coordinators. They couldn't win a single game under Matthews and don't even know who their QB will be for next year.

I can see why so many people turned down the job. It's a lose lose situation. I give him 2 years tops.

Their coordinators last year were Kavis Reed and Steve Buratto (not Greg Mohns).

Neither would excite an Argo fan if they retain those positions. Reed has not exactly covered himself in glory as a DC, either in Hamilton or in Toronto; and as for Buratto, even when the Argos were a strong team it was their defence that won for them, not their offence. Sounds like Andrus is going to retain him though, although not necessarily in the same position.

Couple major differences. Reports are that Bart looks like he will bring in coordinators from the NFL, Huff and Trestman were backed mostly by exp. coordinators. Also they had Popp and Barker to bring in the talent. Rita and Mohns have a very poor track record since joining the Argos and last year took the cake but it looks like they will escape the guillotine.

Much tougher situation for Bart IMO.

I think I'd agree with that.

Some American coaches come up here and are able to rapidly adjust to the nuances of our game; current example Marc Trestman, example from the past Marv Levy.

However, there is another side of the coin, American coaches who either can't grasp those nuances, or out of some odd arrogance don't bother to try to understand them and think they can run an NFL style offence or defence here.....see Kay Stephenson and John Huard.

Time will tell which example Andrus will follow

I'd have to agree with Madjack, time will tell about Andrus. The only thing is, I've seen him twice now (once on OFTR) and just did not come away with a feeling of confidence. To me, the gum-chewing, gruff-talking fella seemed like a 1950s-era gym coach. They say he's brilliant offensively, and I guess that should be helpful in the summer, but there's a kind of polish lacking ... the kind you see in Trestman ... and this makes me think he's not a great communicator. That might be okay in the NFL where the coaches are holy shrines delivering their sermon on the mount to assembled players, but here in the CFL that act just ain't gonna cut it. Just ask The Don how his last days in Toronto went, when he tried to come on heavy. Like Madjack says, we'll see.

While the media is saying B. Andrus was an offensive assistant in the NFL (not even a coordinator or QB coach as S. Simmons wrote), that was only last season. The previous 7 seasons he was a head coach in NFL Europe. That league folded and the Titans took him on as an offensive shame there. With his experience, he should have no trouble running a team and getting all the pieces working together...rather than the Argos going with a promising young coach like M. Benevides who is a question mark as a head coach and has little experience even as a CFL coordinator.

All the Argos have to do is win, if only enough games to beat out Hamilton, and Andrus will be successful. I think the Argos made a great hire, but I guess we will find out in June! :thup:

I think the Hufnagel and Trestman hirings were only superficially similar. Hufnagel had twenty years of playing and coaching experience in the CFL before heading south in the mid 90’s. The closest thing Trestman had to CFL experience was as a part of Bud Grant’s coaching staff in Minneapolis in 1985. IMO Hufnagel was a pretty safe bet and Trestman was a riskier choice. Of course, both have worked out great.

CFL experience aside, unlike Trestman and Hufnagel, Andrus isn’t walking into a stable situation with a decent coaching staff and a veteran QB. It’ll probably be a another long season for Argos fans, but it was probably going to be a long season anyway.

It's a crap shoot.

It's too bad Taman wants to take a paid holiday on the Bombers ledger. I think he would do a great job for Toronto. Rita and Mohns have been AWFUL. Terrible asset management, piss poor handling of draft picks. wavered like yoyos with their development (the few they actualy kept) and a pattern of trying to take shortcuts down south by bringing in guys that were beat up and less then motivated instead of grinding it out on the road and managing relationships. Andrus is a quality coach but the real problems with the Argos have yet to be addressed.