Board of Governors leaks

Just watched on the Score ,CFL BOG member from Calgary ,Mr.Mitchell (I believe) said he will introduce a motion at the next BOG meeting that any member of the CFL's BOG who is found guilty of leaking confidential information will be fined $100,000. and, or,be removed from the CFL's BOG !!

About time they got some teeth! :thup:

Yeah, like that will ever pass! :lol: :lol: :lol:

If it was Doug Mitchell, he should know better. He was CFL commish in 80s and knows all about dealing with BOG --- he had Harold Ballard among others during his tenuire to deal with.

Besides, a team appoints their governor and they have alternates. Contrary to what many people think, a private team's governor is not always the owner --- tho I suppose technically, that means little.

Yes ,it was D.Mitchell the former commish,

Don't get me wrong. I like the idea. But putting in a fine system for leaks has to be approved by the leakees.

And the way these leaks go, how do you prove who did it?

You can fine them if they go public, but the leaks always come from "CFL sources," "someone connected with the CFL" "a confidential source."

well, if u get 6 outta 8 to vote for it, then it will pass…so lets hope its not more than 2 BOG’s who are leaking info.

Doug Mitchell, great guy. Heck, he posed for the forbidden website too:

Proof is here!

Instead of a 100k fine for betraying their brethrens how about they have to ride a sybian. :twisted:

QUOTE: ... how about they have to ride a sybian

:? :?

It's obvious Braley is the leakey, and hopefully gets bounced out of this league for good, I can't stand him.