Board of Gov to look at 4 changes

so for all you who wanna get rid of the single point! - naha, ain't happening!

same with the convert.

  1. kickoffs from the 25yd line after a safety touch
  2. no longer can a team take the ball at the 35yd line after a field goal, always kick offs.
  3. Referees can give a 3rd challenge play if the coaches are successful on the other 2.
  4. CFL teams allowed to use the "Wildcat" formation, like the NFL.

I agree with all, except #2

I think that the teams should be allowed to take the ball at their 35. especially if there's under a minute to play and they are only down by 1 or 2 pts. why should they be forced to waste 5 maybe 10 seconds off the clock?

the whole point of the 35yd line option after field goals is to give the team all the time they need to try and score again!!

PLEASE do not change that one.

Well, number 2 works both ways though. Say you are down 10, and are bogged down 3rd and 20 at the other team's 30, with 40 seconds left to play. Right now you can't kick a field goal, because the other team will just take it at their 35, kneel down 3 times, that's it, game over. And converting a 3rd and 20? It's at best a one in 20 shot. Again, if you don't make, game over.

Now, though, you try the field goal and if you make it, you're down 7 and at least have the chance to try an onside kick. If you recover it, we've got a finish. If not, the trailing team is no worse off.

From that perspective, the mandatory kick off is a good thing.

well it definitely has it's good and bad to it.

from the offensive point of view, of a losing team, they want all the time they can get.

from the defenses side, the winning team wants to have as little time on the clock.

Interesting Point Artie.

I would not be terribly upset about any of these changes if they were instituted.

I'm glad they aren't eliminating the Rouge or changing the convert rules. IMO, those rule changes would have not been good for out game.

However, I can't argue with the other four proposed changes. If the Board of Governors feels these rules need to be implemented, then I'm all for them. Hopefully they will enhance the way the CFL is played.

Those are more reasonable changes. I like all except #1.

#4 caught me completely off guard. I don’t think I ever heard anyone discuss that particular rule.
I’m not even certain I remember seeing the wildcat formation being used in the NFL.

4) Designated QB (Rule 4, Section 5, Article 5). Personally, I hate the entire rule. With the athletes we have now, QBs are versatile and can play other positions. This rule prevents Kerry Joseph from utilizing his skills at safety in an emergency. It prevents Reggie McNiel from playing reciever in an emergency if he's listed at QB (Barrick Nealy in Calgary and Jeremy Young in Sask have also played on the scout team recieving team). The footnote was intended to keep teams from using QB #3 spot for a kickoff specialist, but with the SMS, it doesn't make sense anymore. Without the rule, teams can make up trick plays with QB lined up at reciever (or even center), and we could even see more QBs with recieving TDs (like Kerry Joseph's last year).
We even had a "Wildcat formation" thread. [url=]viewtopic.php?f=1&t=34489[/url]

This is comming from a person who doesn't like change:

I'm okay with those changes! I especially like Arties comments....makes good sense and strategy!

Wildcat Formation:
Good change -- I'll have to see how the Designated QB rule actually reads.

Mandatory Kickoffs After FGs:
I like it, especially the added chance of a short kick rather than the kneel-downs.

Teams Get an Extra Challenge After Two Successful Challenges:
A step in the right direction, but the video-replay will still need more changes.

Safety Kickoff from 25:
I don't like the change ( mainly because teams facing prarie winds will have to kick-off into them and opposing teams will get midfield+ position with the wind at their back -- kick-offs from the 35 were not automatic FG range ), but will admit that it delivers a tougher decision to the coach and will no longer make the call automatic. I'm hoping the BOG rejects this change.

No Changes to Convert:
Disappointed that nothing was done, but the "proposed" change was terrible.

No Changes to Rouge:
Probably their best decision.

[url=] ... iggins.mp3[/url]

( Higgins' Interview after the meeting )

It's nice common sense prevailed,those are 4 changes that will be good for the league to adopt. The most important one being,the kick off at the 25, after a safety.

Yes, to me the most significant "change" was the non-change to the rouge. :thup: This is a very tricky rule to mess with for no other reason other than pure history along with quirkiness which is something we more or less like about the CFL, most fans at any rate. I guess what I'm saying in a way is that we like to be able to discuss this one, fans and non-fans who like to say this rule is stupid.

And I think it is the least important..... but I'm okay with it.
The wildcat rule is the best rule change proposed---depending on the final wording.
the best thing for instant replay would be to eliminate it altogether. But as that isn't going to happen, I like this fine. If teams are afraid to be wrong, maybe they won't waste a challenge on frivolous plays. Though I do appreciate the attempts to allow fans more opportunity to buy beer....
I think mandatory kick-offs are good and bad, as has been discussed. The few benefits may well be outweighed by the negatives. For the once in awhile that kicking off so you can short kick might come into play, we are going backwards regarding why the ball was to be taken at the 35 in the first place. That's right folks---they used to always kick off and changed that for a reason. on a windy day being allowed to take the ball at the 35 helps with game balance and increases the entertainment value, not decreases it. If one team always starts inside their own 20 for an entire quarter (half the game), it is either boring, or a blow out. Neither is particularly what we want. Allowing a team to scrimmage from the 35 balanced that out.
A compromise might be only in the final 3 minutes of a half is it not an option. But generally, I think we lose to much by not allowing the 35 yardline rule most of the time.

Leave the rouge alone. I never heard one reason I considered valid for changing the rule, among lots of reasons why the rouge adds to the game.

What's the Wildcard formation?

...I believe it's when the RB lines up behind centre to take the snap...

My biggest problem is what the combination of moving the safety back and forcing FG kickoffs will bring on a windy day.

Kick off with the wind, bury the team deep in their own zone.
No "safety" net ... punt into automatic FG range
Kickoff with the wind mandatory after the FG -- pin deep in their own zone again

T - R - O - U - B - L - E

Whats the difference between that and the "Direct snap"?

I can live with those changes if they come to pass but the one I like the least is the kickoff after a field goal.

If a team is down by 8-10 points late in the game....they are forced to go for the TD first. They must get the td in order to have a chance for an onside kick. The new way allows them to go for the field goal and they still have a chance with an onside kick. They still need both the FG and TD but they it is now forces their hand

But, like I said, they are livable

Last year's Miami Dolphins used it a fair bit. It has been used a lot more in college ball than the pros for sure.