Board Games one in my family wants to play six hour long Risk battles anymore, except my brother but he lives in Vancouver...

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Ever try Axis and Allies? A bit of a step up from Risk, but I used to enjoy it back in the 80s.

Have never lost at Risk . Grew up reading about war and watching too many war documentaries while opponents usually are just playing happenstance .

Once in a while somebody will have a strategy but that goes out the window with key allies on the board with a non aggression pact . Also placement of your pieces at the beginning of the game are so important .

...yes, I have that game in our game cabinet, but again only my brother and I (and some other guys in Vancouver) played it, I tried to explain it to my family here and they stared at me like I was an alien...

...great game though, A&A, loved the strategy based on which world power you only criticism of it was running out of pieces before the game could conclude: "okay, this bread bag clip is a factory now okay? and this piece of elbow macaroni is a tank group"...

...we could set up a game a thread I'll call: "RISK, its back and it's a sport!"

Yes ;D but you might get suspicious if I am throwing too many 6's .

have you never had a run of bad luck with the dice that totally screwed your game?

I find that Risk really doesn't have a lot to do with actual war strategies.

I never read about war or watched documentaries yet I have won my share of games.

I first started playing about 48 years ago.

How many players do you usually play with.

I bought my A&A game in early 80's. Have never run out of pieces.

I bought Pacific and Europe this century and a lot less pieces.

I have rarely, if ever, had a game last that long. Mostly between 3 and 4 hrs.

I guess the difference might be how aggressive the play is as opposed to everyone just building up boarder for an extended period of time.

How many player do you usually play with.

with risk, the most enjoyable games I have played is with 3 teams of 2 players. One time when I was about 14, I played paired with my foster father, a friend with his dad, and two other adults. We won and there was lots of conversation about it for a while after. One of the few special moments of my childhood.

Has anybody ever played Castle Risk? I bought a new risk game a couple of decades ago and it came with a castle risk version played on the other side of the board. A simpler yet also fun game.

I also bought Risk for the Computer about 25 yrs ago. It also has an Ultimate Risk version. Really liked that game. Unfortunately, I have been unable to load and play it on any computer using an opsys newer than win 98. My last computer with 98 died last year, sob.

I have another Risk like game called Ultimatum. Got that last century sometime. It is fun requiring a completely different strategy.

…I’ve never played those other variants, nor the teams of pairs…what is the reason for the pairing? Discussion of strategy mainly?

Usually at least 4 players . I think I most likely win because of common simple strategy against people who just play without any strategy . I never get serious about it for me it's just simple analytics of the board and the pieces . Maybe if I played people who knew a little more and used a little strategy I would lose .

In terms of luck . You might lose a few armies from bad luck of the throw but when you are using three against one the odds are in your favour .

Risk is a war game though though it's a simple version of world domination but it doesn't take into account of technology , supplies and population .

Usually people not knowing the game well enough just put their armies anywhere on the board and this is their downfall . Second would be knowing who to fight and who to leave alone .

Never knew anything about the game until a teenager but knowing about all the defeats about trying to conquer Russia in war definitely helped understand the basics of not trying to conquer a large area too fast with small armies left to defend them .

playing teams adds a new dimension of play as well as strategic discussion. Give it a try sometime.

Hank - most of the time I played risk, it was with others who were not beginners. As for the dice, I have often had like 12 armies to 5 and lost the battle. I had one foster brother who seemed like he always rolled lots of 6s against me. Very frustrating.

Yes I definitely could see that two bad rolls and your at almost even strength .

Your definitely more aggressive than me .

It is a fun game though . The game never loses it's appeal .

one game I used to excel at is speed monopoly. A friend and I in early teens used to play honour games in about 20 minutes. We both knew all the prices and rents. We also knew instantly where we had rolled to. We never counted, we just pick up our piece and put it where we rolled to. One guy would roll move and buy or pay rent or whatever else and the other would already be taking his turn. When we had to pay rent, we just paid it and trusted. Only times we really stopped is when someone got a card and read what it was.

My wifehas refused to play monopoly with me these past 30 years or so because she says I go too fast. She doesn't like to be told where she has landed, she likes to count it out. Its a habit I cant break.

anybody ever play Rail Baron?

I guess not.

I don't think people today have attention span to play a long game like Rail Baron.

On average, when I have played RB, it has taken longer than Risk or A&A.

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Never heard of it. What's it like?