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Does anybody remember the CFL board game that was produced years ago? Probably late 70's and early 80's. I think it was produced by a firm in Wetaskiwi, Alberta.

My buddies and I would take turns replaying the CFL season and then the NFL season on Strat-O-Matic. We wasted lots of time rolling those dice.

had one of those games years ago it was great fun then

I saw a "CFL Armchair Football" game at a rummage sale once, years back, if that's what you're talking about ... Had my eye on it, but didn't think it would be kosher to grab it until the sale was over (since I was working it). Of course, that bit me in the ass, since another guy who was working it ended up snagging it for himself (yes, before it ended).

Not that I'm bitter ...


My first reply. The game was called Sports Action Games Canadian Football. The first card set was produced in 1973 and the last in 1987.

I have card sets for 73-76, 80-85 and 1987.

It was perhaps the best board and dice football game ever made. Realistic, fun and easy to play!!

The game may be coming back soon. A game designer I know is currently working on obtaining the rights to produce this game again.

Mr. Appleby, the original creator of the game, sold the rights to some individuals in Quebec.

I'm old school. Can't get into computer games except that they look so realistic. But the results seem to be off and far from real.

I've also created a quick CFL dice game which quickly simulates games and stats. I'll be starting up my 2006 replay to see if the Lions can capture the Grey Cup once more. Very good team!!

Perhaps I should post some results here??

Thanks for the ear,

I received CFL Armchair Football as a Christmas present way back in the late '80s. It was a pretty fun game back then. A couple of things bothered me though:

  1. Why the heck was the board so big? All that you had on it was a small football marker showing where the ball was and a 10 yard marker. They should have made the board 1/4 the size.

  2. If you had possesion, then you picked a play and started rolling, checking the results. Meanwhile, the defending player just sat there twiddling his thumbs. Would have been nice to have the defensive player choose a defense and have this compared to the offense chosen.

A couple of minor complaints. Overall I still like this game and look forward to when my kids are a little bit older so that I can share it with them.

Regarding SAG Canadian Football, if you go to, you will be able to find this complete game in their downloads section. I just recently discovered this and am looking forward to trying it out. They also have several seasons from the '70s and '80s to use. If this is being reprinted, I would definitely pick it up, especially if it comes with newer season sets!

ohcanada, I'm curious about your CFL dice game. Would you be willing to share it?


Hey Rob,

I remember CFL Armchair as well and had it on two occasions. If I recall it did have some defensive cards that got triggered on a d6 roll.

As for SAG Football on tabletop sports I know of that as well. In fact, I was one of the guys who put all that information together.

My handle used to be shelrik, but I changed it to 4d6. If you look on Seasons Past forum on Delphi you will find a thread dedicated to my new game.

It still is in development and needs a lot of play testing. But watch the forums and you will know if and when it becomes available.

I've just finished week one of the 2006 season and here is a link to some results and player stats

Thanks, always a pleasure taking sports board games

I'm a self-confessed geek when it comes to board games ... I love them (lighter war games anyway). I've always wanted to be able to play a CFL board game, but I have no idea how it could be done. I also think it would be neat to be able to play a football game with just a standard deck of cards, but again, I haven't given it enough thought to figure anything out ... I'll check out those links above, for sure!


You would be surprised how easy it is to do. Some simple math, dice and a little imagination goes a long way.

The link in my previous message are the results from week one of my dice and card game.

To make a long story short. Each team has a given amount of possessions in a game. The offensive teams success is based upon their ability and their opponents defense.

A roll of the dice will determine if the team scores or turns over the ball.

A score can be a touchdown run, pass or field goal attempt, while a turn over can be a fumble, interception or punt.

Players are rated for frequency of scoring, interceptions, attempts, yards per game and more.

It takes me about 1 minute to set up the game, another 5 to 10 minutes to play and 5 to 10 minutes to produce stats.

SAG Football is a more detailed board game along the lines of Strat-O-Matic or APBA. It is by far the best football game ever made. Detailed, realistic and very easy to play. However, it has not been in print since 1988.


If anyone is interested, there is a Canadian Armchair Football game up for sale on Ebay - ... dZViewItem.

Rick, you stated "If I recall it did have some defensive cards that got triggered on a d6 roll." This confused me at the time because the version that I have does not have any defensive cards. However, after looking at pictures from the above auction, I see what you are talking about. You must have owned this version, which is probably a newer revision of the game. My copy does not have the defensive cards, not does it have the timesheet shown in the picture. That would seem to indicate that there was a timing system used, probably similar to AH's Football Strategy, whereas my game simply stated to play for a specific time (ie. real time). So, there must have been changes made to the game that I have and a new release made. I'd love to know how the timing and defence cards worked.

Regarding you CFL dice game, I checked out the link and it looks great. How much more playtesting before the general public can have a peek?


Hey Rob,

Well that is interesting. The defensive cards I think was used when playing head-to-head. Defensive coach would select a defensive formation, basically two running, two passing and I think another (perhaps a blitz)....been awhile.

Then a roll of a die would randomly select a yards adjustment based upon the play called and the defensive selection. This was obtained from the cards you see in the picture. I'm not 100% sure on this since it has been awhile.

I think the timing method still worked around a 5 minute quarter or a set number of plays. This needs some work.

My game is coming along nicely, but again it needs some work. I'm still trying to come up with a method that determines players stats that correlates with the opponent they are playing (defense). Still in play testing mode.

Last game saw Montreal clobber Hamilton 42-4. Jason Maas threw 4 interceptions in the game and the Tiger-Cats offense was awful.



Week Two In The Books!!

Interesting start to my 2006 CFL season replay. Not a made up Madden game but a true Canadian Football game. Based on Canadian players, teams and stats. Will be interesting to see how everything turns out after eighteen weeks.

Check it out.....

Week three is in the books!

See how your favorite team from the 2006 CFL season performed. Check out the league leaders in passing, receiving, rushing, kicking, interceptions and fumbles.

I asked about this same thing a few months ago I looked back 1 year from today to see what people were complaining about then. I wonder how their making out with the new version of this.

I saw a Sports Action Canadian Football game on ebay yesterday for 80 bucks. I knew if I kept it Id make money on it.