Board approves change to Coach's Challenges

gary lawless ?@garylawless 25s25 seconds ago
Board approves change to @cfl challenge system. Unsuccessful 1st challenge results in loss of timeout

Jeffrey OrridgeVerified account ?@Commish13 19m19 minutes ago
#CFL fans: we're listening...

Well it is something, happy to see the league recognizes there are some major flaws in the current system and are attempting to fix them mid-season which is rare for the CFL in my time watching the league. Hopefully this cuts down on fishing for flags a bit and makes coaches hesitate just a bit more before they throw the flag, I expect there will be a lot more changes in the off-season but like I said happy to see the league is trying to do something although I imagine this will have only a minor effect on the game.

Glad they made the change and didn’t wait until the off season. It’s a tweak to carry through the rest of the year.

I would rather see a delay of game penalty for an unsuccessful challenge but will take it.

Lose a time out?? big deal. How is that going to stop the challenges?
I thought they might come up with something like a change as to what type of play can be challenged or cut down the challenges to one per game.

This is nothing, absolutely nothing and will change absolutely nothing. If you think this is a positive move or the CFL listening to fans your jaded. The CFL just gave a big raspberry to it's fans.

The challenged system is completely unnecessary and the video review system is broken beyond repair and this laughable token from the league does nothing to change that.

A time-out? Name me a coach in this league that won't go fishing after a big play even with a time out on the line. They do it on their second challenge so why wouldn't they do it on their first. Especially when that challenge always lasts longer than the 90 second time out and if nothing else helps to kill the momentum of that big play.

This is an insult. League needs a new commissioner, someone who won't spit in the face of the fans who pay his salary. :roll:

I have a feeling they will need to do more tweaking but at least it's something for now .

Its a step in the right direction. Not going to have any major changes during the season.

Although not exactly thrilled with how some of the changes have gone, the CFL is actually trying to be progressive.

Hopefully this helps, at least in close games, coaches will have to think about it before throwing the flag.

The other tweak, should be a hard time on reviews. 60 seconds if can't decide, then play on field stands.

Look at how the actual penalties are called probably can't be reviewed until off season.

I don't agree. I never want to see again a playoff football game decided by an officiating error. While not for certain an abosolute obvious error can now be overturned.

Now we won't see coaches "spend" a timeout just to go fishing before the 3 minute mark. This is smart. Not a cure all and not meant to overhaul officiating, just take some idiocy from the HC.

If anything, this is acknowledging that there's a problem and they want to fix it asap.

I too, would like to see a delay of game penalty perhaps combined with loss of time-out.

Well... That's what it is. If they throw the flag and have no time out left, its a delay of game.

Not advocating for the complete eradication of video review, just a temporary removal (1-2 seasons) so the league can experiment with a variety of changes and bring back a good system that works within the game. The NFL fixed their moronic video review system this way in the 90s and it was sucessful. The league can experiment with more options for the application of video review in one season behind the scenes than they could fixing it as they go in 10 seasons.

As for coaches no longer ""spend(ing)" a timeout just to go fishing before the 3 minute mark", you are far more optimistic than I am. Coaches will do WHATEVER it takes to win and I have no doubt this change of the challenge system will equate to little more than lip service when all is said and done.

A positive step, but not enough.

They have to eliminate the challenges on illegal contact on receivers who were not the intended target. As we have seen, coaches have been abusing this with their fishing trips on petty things that had nothing to do with the play, and it has become embarrassing.

Holding and off side are not challengeable, and they can affect a play just as much as illegal contact. At some point you have to trust officials to do their job.

And no offense to Jake Ireland, but isn`t it time for someone else to be running the command centre?

They're not going to rewrite the rulebook halfway through the year, folks. Doing that makes you look like the gong show that is Formula 1 management these days.

This is a tweak that they can do mid season without really affecting the integrity of the season or the rules. It's not going to hurt the problem, and should help a bit.

Honestly, some people just seem to want to complain about everything.

Johnny bets Popp makes that mistake no later than 90 minutes from now! :roll:

Sounds about right. :slight_smile:

For those wondering here is a pic of the command center and a writeup to go with it

[url=] ... field.html[/url]

Yup. It is a step in the right direction. I prefer a loss of challenge costs you 15 yards.

But only for the "call on the field confirmed" calls. I don't see getting a penalty for an "insufficient evidence" rulings. Or maybe they need to add a fourth result that gets the delay of game penalty: "Well, that was a waste of everybody's time. What were you thinking?"

I also would like to see the command centre exercise the same discretion as the on-field officials. If there is a technical infraction, but in the eyes of the official, on-field or off, it did not impact the play, there's no penalty.

I agree with this take the most. Can’t hurt, might help.

Well, after watching yesterday’s games, it seems like it helped. There were plays that in the past would almost certainly have resulted in a challenge, that didn’t. If the officials didn’t see it, it didn’t get called. Old school.

I mean, think about it: one failed challenge + one time out = no more challenges or time-outs. I think coaches will only throw that flag when they are 99% certain they’ll get the call overturned. And if they’re that sure, there SHOULD be a review. It’s good to see some flag-happy coaches keeping it in their pocket.

I don’t like the idea of a penalty for a failed challenge (BTW delay of game is 10 yards, not 15).

And I don’t like the idea of charging a team with a time-out if there is no conclusive evidence, though this may make the coaches even more reluctant to use the challenge.