Bo Smith's play exposed

It's fair to point out that Winnipeg's D-Line was starting 3 rooks against us, and they all looked better than Long, Bolden, Hickman and Murphy.

I agree with the previous posts. Our pass rush has be only average at the best of times. A strong pass rush makes life alot easier on the D-backs, forces passes, causes interceptions and QB sacks.

Going into this season we all knew that it was one of our biggest concerns and Obie brought in some new faces but they haven't panned out. Other teams seem to be able to find these guys why can't we?

QB sacks excites the fans and motivates both the defence and the offence and demoralizes the other team. Ti-Cat football as remembered will not return until this happens.

This Bo don't know CFL....

I never thought I'd see those words in the same sentence :lol:

Yeah he got beat a few times. Every player has his day where he plays a bad game. However, the interception was beautiful play. Let's give him credit. Why is it always the fault of the opposing player making a bad play rather than our player making a great play? The ball was thrown fine, but Smith was right in the hip pocket and took the ball out of the receivers hands, AND made sure to stay in bounds with it. He didn't play great but that was a great play which helped to spark whatever comeback there was.

maybe someone should have told bo the game was 430pm.