Bo Smith's play exposed

Bo was really taken to task by Bomber receivers who made him look inept. It started early in the game and continued on, exposing Bo as a weak on one on one man coverage. I mean the team stunk out there tonight, but Bo Smith really stood out in the secondary, as being in over his head. :cowboy:

I agree and it's not the first time he's been burned badly. He's had more "downs" than "ups" with regards to his play.

So!! Who are our alternatives at that position? Maybe it's time for Bo to take a seat.

I can't ever recall a guy who can cover a receiver so well and have virtually no ability to stop him from catching the ball.

It's weird!

Why did Bishop stop looking over at Bo Smith? I would have just looked at Bo Smith all game long.

His INT was because of an underthrown ball by Bishop.

Bo has to learn how to look back to the ball. Bo was in chase mode for most of the game. How come he was not replaced during the game. Speaking of replacements, where was Mc Intyre and Adams?

He didn't get much support from our free safety tonight, which is about usual for the secondary. For all the Sandy-Fans out there, he was brutal tonight and as long as he's on the field, the Ticat defense is playing a man short.

Beveridge played? I didn't notice him at all on the field and didn't hear his name called.

I have been saying this all year. Bo is not a starter and should not be playing. Saying that i dont think Gordon is much better so i dont know what they should do. I find it hard to belive that we cant find quality players to bring in. CB's and WR's should be the easiest players to find, there are tons of them out there, so why cant we?

Bo Smith is the worst DB i have ever seen. Consistently burnt, has no idea what is going out on the field.

Seriously?? After that BRUTAL performance in the first half you still want to single Sandy out?? What a joke.

I love Bo. I think he’s a great guy, but he got absolutely OWNED by Bowman. Helps that Bowman is probably a full head taller :lol:

It’s probably Sandy’s fault that we scored ZERO points on offense too. :roll:

Bishop picked apart our defense in the first half (maybe even 3 quarters) and I think pretty much everyone bears the responsibility for that.

"Every Rookie is going to cost you at least one game"

Wally Buono

I dont think Bo smith is a rookie.
and this isnt the first game he has looked horrible in.

Bishop and Bowman were playing pitch and catch all game long, and laughing about it in open view on the field. They couldn't believe how much of a cushion the D-backs were giving Bowman.

Meanwhile we refuse to throw the ball downfield ourselves. Very frustrating.

I dont remember us going deep once all night...

First play from scrimmage. Porter to AB3. Didn't work, but it was a refreshing change...

"And that's OK as long as your kicker, your QB, your receivers, your tacklers, your coaches and others who aren't rookies aren't doing it too!"


not going to lie, i missed our first series
and that is a nice change :slight_smile:

Can the DBs at least look back for the ball?
Most of the time, the coverage isn't back, but they never look back for the ball.

You have to keep in mind that for most of the seasone this has been a strenght for this team. Where is the pass rush ??? Two years waiting for a couple guys who can put consistant pressure on a QB. Kelly and his Database buddy can find two in the space of a month but the Ticats haven’t been able to find one in TWO years…

You don't think Khari Long provides a good rush?

I'd say he's one of the best defensive linemen we've had in a long time... though that isn't saying much.