Bo Smith to the Jets.

Follow football much, the Jets have the number one defence in football, the best cornerback to ever play football and they're in the second round of the playoffs. How is that one step closer to the first pick in the draft, do you actually think Bo smith is ever going to step on the field for them?

8) As of 12:15 pm today Jan. 10, Bo Smith is no longer listed on the Ticat Roster.

I agree with Drexl and feel that Bo is a good player who made a few glaring mistakes, but did a decent job guarding some of the best receivers in the league.

I'd like to see him back, but I wish him all the best and hope he makes it for his own sake. Obviously Knowlton would be the biggest loss, but Tisdale is a solid player and will be great one day. I think a loss of any of these 3 would be a bad thing.

Knowlton's potential departure would be a sad one for me. . . he's easily my favourite Cat. Way too small for LB in the NFL though, so I presume he'd have to move back to the secondary to find a job there.

I assume that the highlighted wording in red was a question without a question mark. Yes I do follow football. What I meant by my, albeit exaggerated wording, was that signing a player of his caliber, assuming he sticks, which I think you would agree is an unlikely occurrence, can only weaken even a good team like the Jets.

To those who say that he is a good DB, anytime the other team had a big play, it seemed to this observer at least, that it was Smith and Tisdale's side. No I am not an expert, but if this wasn't obvious to somebody I wonder if they watched any games this year. :cowboy:

I disagree with your assesment on Tisdale. He's a talented player. But sometimes he takes too many risks.

My very simple opinion of CFL players wanting to make the jump to the NFL is if they can not make an Eastern or Western All Star team then they are wasting their time trying the NFL.

Now that is a huge over-simplification but I too was suprised that Bo signed with an NFL team, To me he was not a big contributor. My very unprofessional view obviously was not shared by others including the important NFL dude with pen and paper.
I am sure that Bo will easily be replaced with another airlift of DBs in training camp.

Coach Marshall must have liked Smith and Tisdale but then again what does he know? Tisdale often covered the opposition's best receiver and Smith got better as the year went on. Keeping the same good defensive backfield is what winning teams try to do. I wish both of them well in the NFL but I sure hope they come back to us. :slight_smile:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

There is absolutely no fair way of evaluating any member ofr the Cats secondary until they can find a way of coming up with a [i]consistantly good pass rush.

This season, there were far too many times that opposition QBs had all day to throw. With that kind of time, there isn't a DB in the world who can cover a decent pro receiver.

PatLynch dont say goodbye to Tisdale to fast he is still a Ti-Cat as of today!

We'll see what happens. He worked out for the Dolphins in December and there's no reported signing as of yet, so who knows. He could be playing in the Ticat opener, or gone to NFL tomorrow. The only certainty will come on February 15th!

Same goes for Knowlton, although I don't know if he's worked out with the Vikings yet.

Excellent point. Perhaps I may have been overly harsh in my assessment. Coach Marshall obviously saw/sees something in both Smith and Tisdale.