Bo Smith to the Jets.

Half way down....

Along with Jon Chick to the Colts, and S.J. Green to the Jets.

I just hope we can keep Knowlten at least....

Love to know what Jets saw in him. Baffling.

This is not the greatest loss to overcome. We still have Lawrence Gordon to play Smith's position, and we can also go after Jovon Johnson or Eddie Davis if they reach FA.

No loss. He was getting beat pretty regularly late in the season.

Eddie Davis will probably be a coach in Sask or Edmonton in the near future. Even if he has a few playing years left in him, I can't imaging he'd willingly spend them somewhere other than Regina.

I guess I don't understand how to evaluate player talent. Bo Smith was consistantly beat on most plays. Not a great lose as far as I am concerned. I trust Obie has a few rabbits up his sleave should the Jets aquire Bo ( don't know corner back ) Smith.

No great loss. Not impressed with his pass coverage - never looks back for the ball - average tackler.

He'll be available well before Labour Day - around the date of final NFL cuts - and Obie will find a few better guys to bring to camp.

I'd say about the same for Tisdale.

Gordon was released . _ hey if the NFL wants players like Bo Smith they can have them, Maybe Obie should look to the CIS for competition at the Corner position in training camp :thup:

I'm not worried in the least about losing Smith or Tisdale.

Markeith Knowlton is another story. This guy is great! He'd be tough to replace.

8) Since when was Lawrence Gordon released ????
 Are you sure you're not thinking of Terry Caulley  ??

Sorry cant find the link, L.G,s name was on the list with Keith i believe

all the more reaon to sign Jovon Johnson :smiley:

but AFTER we re-sign Dyakowski. i am getting more nervous with every passing day about losing him.

Where the heck did my post go?

Again... with Chick signing with the Colts, it would seem Stevie Baggs (isn't he to become a free agent?) will probably stay put with the Riders now that his "rival" is no longer on the team.

Things have really turned upside down over the last few weeks.

Head coaches Andrus and Kelly seemed set to return next year but are suddenly released and rumours of Trestman garnering interest from the NFL open up possibly 3 head coaching positions. DC Greg Marshall is probably gone, and the season seemed so set for 2010 :frowning:

That's no surprise. Most of our fans never see anything in our own players yet other teams always seem to.

If you're not surprised that Bo smith fanagled an NFL contract, no matter how short lived, I dont know what you were watching all year.If you were watching.

8) I have to say you are wrong on this one.
 Both Gordon and KK are still on the TiCat roster.  Neither of them have been released up to this point in time !!

Oh, so with this huge least when the season starts, we will be improved at one corner spot.

Hey Vinny,

Nice to see you on the board again.

Here is the roster showing both Keith and Gordon still active...

... of course it still shows Bo Smith, but his name should disappear soon, assuming he did sign with the Jets. With this signing the Cats are one step closer to the Grey Cup and the Jets are one step closer to the first draft pick.

Bo Smith is a fine player, he made a couple of mistakes and everyone wants to lynch him. Every db is going to get burned at times, unless your name is Reevis.