Bo Smith Teaching how to defend?

I am sorry but Bo Smith can not teach anyone how to defend a receiver when he consistantly does not look back for a ball. This is like Sandy Beverage giving advise on how to assist the deep threat at the safety position. Did you happen to notice there was no safety help during any of the Bowmans receptions. Under normal circumstances the safety or other defenders would yell out ball. This would help the defender and que him to look back. This is something that rarely if ever happens at all.

I know hahaha...i thought that was funny also.. BO SMITH?? showing us how to defend...uhmmm...

Bo Smith: " the secret to defending and going after a receiver is to not watch where the ball is and to be at least 10 feet behind the receiver...and to somehow catch up when the ball is in the air...thats it!!"


Now Jykine Bradley, hes a different story. I love how he plays and hes physical. Definately a keeper for next year. Chris Thompson should give his feedback also. :slight_smile:


Smith has had one bad game. If he gets torched again in Montreal, then I'll dump on him.

More than one. He has been shaky all year.

Exaggeration. This happens every time someone has a bad game. Most of the time we never see Smith or the receiver he's covering much - maybe because the receiver isn't open. Smith has played well this year. He's a big upgrade to Gordon.

Can you tell us what exactly this "Bo Smith Teaching how to defend?" is in reference to?

Well get off your asss and go out and teach young people how to defend instead of sitting at a keyboard criticising a professional athlete who obviously knows a helluva lot more about playing db than you. lol

Some of the Peg receivers were so wide open in the last game it was ether a blown coverage real bad game plan or both, that subject is a joke I'm sure..... They've got to be kidding. :roll: :oops:

Sorry - at this point not a great corner. Of course that dosn't count for the fact that Dwight Anderson coudn't defend either in his first year either. Look at him now - under the correct coaching he can improve. Then again Anderson has a safety who actually helps out (Lysack). Not a fault a fact.

I don't disagree with that. He is an upgrade on Gordon. How much of one I think YOU'RE exaggerating. I generally don't make assertions based on one game. For example: I don't think nick setta needs to be replaced/should be completely safe. He's been hit or miss this year, but I'm willing to put that on injury.

Second example: tisdale. While I was hard on him at the beginning of the year, he's definitely improved. Hopefully he'll continue to do so. Still worries me sometimes, however.

Third Example: Cobb. The guy hasn't been able to put it in the end zone from the red zone all year (with few exceptions) yet we keep going with him. He's a scat back and should be used as such.

I continue to assess my opinions as the year goes on. I've been to all but one of the home games and I'm a big Jykine Bradley fan so when our defense is on the field my eyes are usually on the secondary. Smith has been beaten deep a few times this year and most of the support he gets is based on his INT totals. IMO those totals are more a sign of QBs picking on him rather than his ball-hawking abilities. Throw it against him 10 times a game and sooner or later he's going to get a pick or two.

Hey Bo (Diddlly Squat) got torched bad last game and his one on one coverage is not his greatest asset. It's his physical play on the receivers at the line. This is where he beat out Gordon. What we need is a physical DB who can cover the WR's one on one. That's why Obie's got so many db's in town. :cowboy: