Bo Smith signs with Bombers

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"The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed veteran defensive back Bo Smith to their practice roster."

I've made no secret of my feelings for Bo and I truly wish him all the best. It's sad news for me since I hate the Bombers, but good news for him. Great guy and players and I hope he does well.

Ive always thought he was horrible so it will be interesting to see if he can make his way into game action and see how he does.

Good to see him get signed somewhere. Too bad it's with a team that is grasping at straws for any hint of something good.

Better than being unemployed though. All the best to Bo, but not against our Ticats.

Always liked Bo Smith in Hamilton but in recent years I thought he was losing his ability to play as well as he did when he first came to the Cats but I wish him well in Winnipeg and agree although I'm not a Bomber Fan, I hope Bo finds a steady paycheque in Winterpeg!

Having watched the Bombers last two games it appears to me that the secondary , which has
been rock solid for years , is getting weaker. They are having problems with Couchy Muamba
and I think they miss Hefney. I could not believe all the blatant pass interference penalties. a couple
not even called, in the last game. It seems they lack speed. They can still rush the QB but when Hamilton's
O-line provided Burris with time to throw he found open receivers.

Perhaps all the attention directed towards
the problems of the Winnepeg offence this season have distracted people away from problems on defence .
Bo Scott can provide an experienced presence but he won't make them faster.

Paul Friesen ?@friesensunmedia
New DB Bo Smith taking turns at safety for the #Bombers starting defence.

This was posted later though

Paul Friesen ?@friesensunmedia
Looks like no changes to the #Bombers starting defence for now. C Muamba still at safety.

An interesting article which suggests that DeAngelis and Smith are likely to be followed into the 'peg by more CFL castoffs:

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