Bo Smith is back!!

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Add Stevie Baggs and Bo Smith to a defence that was already improving every game.

Gregg Marshall has some weapons at his arsenal.

Oh god no.Not Bo, anything but Bo.This turns the win and the Baggs signing sour :cry:

It's so easy to mistake the two of you with that same new icon. Sometimes I mistake it for one of you talking to yourself :slight_smile:

Oh fantastic... :roll:

I know there may not be many fans of Smith, and I can tell you that I don't consider myself one of his fans. I am one of many who criticized him last season. But after Shivers got injured on Saturday, it may be good to have him back now. It may be too soon to start Hinds.

I've heard Shivers referred to as "Bo Smith 2.0" and so it seems appropriate that we replace him with Bo Smith 1.0.

I’m a fan of Bo’s and think he’ll be a great addition.

Yeah, whats the report on Shivers. At least Bo knows the scheme and can be brought up to speed quickly... Saskatchewan has one hell of a receiving core.

Oh brother.. the CFL's version of red light Racicot is back..... sigh.. I am NO fan of Bo "I get beat often" Smith

well at least we can expect the same results from that side of the field I guess.. Shivers IS just like Bo...

Bo "Face Guard" Smith???

Great. :roll:

Haven't had to do this in awhile. It's receiving CORPS. Yes, pronounced as "core", but spelled as "corps", as in army corps or corps of engineers. . .

Same here, doctor. :thup:

8) The little picture in the Spec this morning of Bo Smith, refers to him as ....Defensive Tackle Bo Smith !!
   I know that's not Drews fault, but does anyone actually proof read (even pictures), or have any TiCats knowledge at 

   all, at this paper ????     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Might that explain why he gets beat so often? :wink:

Geez, that's much worse than using "core" for "corps" !!!!

I think this is a good move. I am happy to have Bo back and think he will do a great job.

Cant wait to welcome him back when I see him today! :rockin:

I agree and would love to see more positive posts on this board about our own!!!

side note, does anyone know Bradleys status?

WOW, what a surprise...Another of the "Usual Suspects" on this board offering the same old "This guy sucks" comment! It would be quite refreshing to hear your solutions every once in a while!

I can't say for sure, but I think he's single. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually they said 1-4 weeks and I haven't heard any more than that.