Bo Smith Changes Number...Again

Roster has him listed as #2 now...whats with all the number changes? :roll:

Maybe he's hoping that when he gets beat this year, we'll still think it's Shivers.

I see Milt Collins is now 14. Maybe he bought it.

Also noticed a fullack has taken 82.

:lol: :lol: :lol: I really hope Bo doesnt make this team :| Hes a good leader but I am sick of seeing him get burned time and time again. I know he is a decent coverage guy, but it seems he has no ball skills when the ball is in the air, and receiver manage to catch balls on him all day long.

He can change his number all he wants but when the opposing QBs need a big play they'll know where to find him.

Hope springs eternal for the anti-Bo set. The Ticats have a new Defensive Co-ordinator.

Bo will have to earn a starting spot on the defensive roster again in Training Camp.

So far, Bo's Defensive Co-ordinators Greg Marshall and Corey Chamblin have started him.

They watched his entire body of work live and on film every practice and all the games.

My guess is that Bo has been entirely responsible for blowing far fewer plays in games

than some fans who watch Bo on game day live or on television think he has blown.

Ron, stop clouding the issue with facts. When people around here pick a goat they stick to it whether it is warranted or not. Even the TSN guys (I think it was Forde) talked about what a great job Bo was doing, but that changes nothing around here. Maybe Bo wanted 2 but couldn't get it and finally got it now. I don't think it is earth-shattering news.

I don't know what the Bo supporters are watching. He has great speed and practically rides the receiver down the field but then he still allows him to make the catch. Either that or he draws a long pass interference call. Bo is picked on because this is a regular occurrence, sometimes 2 or 3 times a game. Then the camera always shows his face and he looks dumbfounded. The guy has NO ball presence. All he has to do is look back for a second and he'll either get a pick or break up the play. But NO he's just there to make the tackle. The rewind feature on the PVR and disgruntled fans don't lie.

Sadly, I mostly agree.

exactly what I said...

Never did I say this was earth shattering news, but you must agree it is quite odd for a guy to change his number every year? Most guys number becomes apart of their identity (Calvillo #13, Darren Flutie #82, Peyton Manning #18, Steve Young #8 etc etc etc). Plus it's the off season and the boards have been so freaking boring, figured I'd make a thread to stir up some discussion.

I believe it is more so Bo's leadership skills that have kept him in the starting rotation, but last year it was not too hard to make our starting d-backfield, almost every dback we had started atleast one game. If you watch the game film, he is a great cover guy most of the time, but has awful ball skills. We have not had a good d-backfield since...well to be honest i am only 18 and I dont think i can remember a really good dbackfield we ever had in my years of watching (please remember i i was 5 and 6 whe we went to our last two grey cups :lol:) I am hoping this year that will change, and I dont think Bo can be a key piece of a great dbackfield.

Arland Bruce #4 #5 #4 #1, Doug Flutie #22 #20 #2, Danny McManus #4 #14, Stevie Baggs #90 #55, Steve Stapler #3 #80, Tony Champion #1 #87. I think once a guy has a number he likes, he tries to stick with it if he can, but it's not at all unheard of for guys to have a number change.

If you watch the game film, he is a great cover guy most of the time, but has awful ball skills.
If you watch the game film, you are a CFL insider, because what we see on TV is not "game film". In particular, game film shows how he performs on plays when the play doesn't come his way. There may be aspects of his game that can use improvement, but generally DBs don't get enough credit when they prevent the quarterback from throwing in their direction. Coaches grade the players on every play, not just the ones that make SportsCenter. That's why fan assessments of players often don't match the assessments by the coaches.

Well said, safety blitz.

I have so much respect for Kavis Reed as a man and a teacher.

I watched him here in Hamilton when he coached our defensive backs.

At practice, when a novice defensive back was visibly upset with himself
that his man had just caught a mid length to long pass against him

Kavis used to run right out to him on the field and tell him face to face...

'you have nothing to be disappointed about you played the man perfectly!'

It makes sense to me,

The QB and the receiver know what the pass pattern is going to be

so it's tough for any any defensive back to stop a pass completion

and, at practice, the quarterback sometimes takes 6 or 7 seconds.

Sometimes in games QBs get that much time and complete long passes

even against the very best defensive backs around the whole league.


Coaches who have access to game film and review plays
over and over are the best judges of a player's performance.

alright you guys win, Bo Smith is the best cover guy ive never seen :lol: I am sorry i mentioned his number, just a weird thing i noticed that isnt very weird :frowning:

There might be some hope for the guy. Maybe the new DC Casey Creehan teaches him a trick or two. That might save us 14 or so points a game.

Fans who have only have seen d-backs "covering" receivers aggressively in games
would be shocked to see how theses guys compete when the are trying to earn a job

There were dogfights between brutally aggressive d-backs and receivers
trying to fight them off for all they were worth on almost every pass.

I thought I was watching the championship game in the movie "Roller Ball"

[In that game it was announced there would be "no rules and no time limits"
i.e. anything goes and the team of the last man still alive wins the game.]

There was much more rough physical contact than I saw at open try -outs.

Stala got whacked in the lower back yesterday and was slow to get up

Bakari Grant came down hard when Bo Smith undercut him a bit

on a jump ball and, with a flash of anger he told him "Come on, man!

Here are 2 clips from the movie "Roller Ball" the trailer the ending

I hope we find enough good DBs that Bo Smith's number changes to X. For X-Ticat.

As do I.

To see Bo demonstrate exactly what Krisiun described watch this quick video from this week's mini-camp. On the "Scratching Post" site, scroll down to the entry marked "04/19/2012 -- Ticats WR Dave Stala makes a nice grab at day two of mini-camp"

Bo was and IS awful.

I too, would love to see him gone this year.