Bo Released

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Stamps out right released him.


good..he was a waste.
i thoguth they should but wouldnt do it.

I thought the same thing, DG. His numbers aren't all that impressive. The Stamps have better WR.

i thought he did more to hurt the team than anything.

making them do this stupid rotation thing-keeping thelwell off the field, or lewis or copland...

luckly the stamps realized the error of thier ways and will now, hopefuly, gel and make a run for the west title.

lol, its funny how i think it was yesterday or the day before he was saying something how it was funny there was rumors that he was gonna get traded or something.

...interesting news...thanks for finding that one piggy....well, here's to hoping this one works out for the better....

Its a good move by the Stamps, I wondered why they even brought him back in the first place, to be honest.

I would not be surprised to see Edmonton or Montreal pick him up.

Why would Edmonton? We've got Peterson, Acree, and Gaylor.

ticats want him?

That team has so many chemistry problems already, I don't think adding a new guy would help. :lol:

Edit: Besides, I'd rather see them work on Bauman.

I wondered the same thing.

...he was brought in to give us that big guy across the middle threat like Clermont or Fantuz...the role was filled before the need was fully assessed I guess...

I also think the Cats will try to sign him.

Gaylor? The guy shows up once every five games.

And Peterson and Acree who have a combined 850 yards and 7 TDs?

What's your problem? I never said Peterson and Acree weren't having great years. But Gaylor is an expendable body, so why not bring Bo in and see if he can't catch on?

He might get picked up by someone, but not at his current price tag.

Im assuming Calgary shopped him and nobody wanted to pick him up at that price with the SMS in place.

No problem, just saying that we also have Peterson and Acree. And we also have Tucker, whenever he gets back. And I'd rather see Edmonton work on developing Nowacki than waste money on someone we don't really need.