Bo "no run" Mitchell

Anyone notice that Bo will just not run the ball. The Ticat game he had so much open field on one play and still elected to throw an incomplete pass.

Obviously why he doesn't seem to ever get hurt but on the flip side you won't win the big one if your QB is run shy. Not to mention makes defensive game planning much easier for your opponents, especially in a big game!

If you have 20 yards of open field in front of you RUN!!!!!!!! then turtle!!

The Stamps are 13-1-1

I say he should keep doing what he is doing

A qb should never run if he doesn't have to and yes, as ro says, it's obvious at this point he doesn't have to much at all.

Bo Stinks , I'd get rid of him if I were you . ;D

Have some sympathy for the Stamps fans, bobo. They've had so much to endure.

I hear ya E-Pat , yup it must be so very hard on them indeed losing all those games the past few seasons . ::slight_smile:
Good thing that we're both Ti-Cat fans I guess.....isn't It ?? :-\

Yep, they should trade him imediately to ticats, Austin doesn’t like to run either ?

LOL !!! Nope , It would never work if Bo became a Ti-Cat mainly because he hasn't learned yet how to consistently lose enough on a regular basis.................::)Spoiled Brat that he is ::slight_smile:

...on Bo's radio show yesterday a caller (Sandra) asked him the question "Why, oh why, didn't you run the ball into the end zone when you had absolutely no one in front of you?"

Bo: [texasdrawl/]"oh Sandra, I love you....because you are asking the same thing every one of my teammates asked me after the game...dude, what were you thinking?!"[/drawl]

He went on the answer the question a little more technically, and I'll paraphrase here: Although in hindsight a straight run into the endzone for 6 would've been the right decision, his mindset is never to run, to continue to work the called play out and let the play BLM's and DD's traditional football minds a scrambling QB is the end-result of a broken play...not to be confused with a bootleg, but a QB who leaves the pocket because of pressure and is looking for broken passer routes to help him and then as a last ditch idea move the ball forward himself is because a play has collapsed and failed, and BLM has been trained to allow the play to unfold as designed and the last ditch outlet for him is tossing the ball away, not advancing the ball even on super-obvious plays like the one that we all saw, he didn't see it, literally, because that is how he sees his game... it a shortcoming? I suppose you could say so, a QB with exceptional scrambling skills holds a weapon that defenses need to appreciate...but I guess BLM will use other weapons that he is good at to beat a D...and so far, like many have said here, it seems to be working just fine...

Interesting answer. Makes sense too.

100% agreed. You need a vision and thinking otherwise distracts from the end goal.

…it’s a different perspective for sure…how many times have we all said ‘great QB, great scrambler’, when from this perspective it was perhaps not the best thing to be doing…just because you can doesn’t mean you should…how many times has a QB taken it upon himself to save the day and failed because he was too quick to jump to that option?..

…I still think a mobile QB is better than a pocket-passer, but then again I’m an old guy set in his ways…I could be wrong…

I’ll stand corrected if they win the GC without choking in the WF before that. Lots of people here agreeing that because the Stamps are 13-1-1 it must be working. Tunnel vision can be fatal. With that much room in front of him he should of ran it, its called mixing it up, or just plain common sense.

Screw his checks down field and take advantage when a gift horse is staring you right in the face. 13-1-1 be dammed!! When a defense gives you a gift wrapped TD you take it. Plain and simple.

And just to add, maybe that’s why he had so much room in front of him because defenses know this guy wouldn’t run if his hair was on fire thus leaving the defense with more options for down field coverage rather than worrying about him running.

Well I guess I do have to agree in once sense with you Stampeder that doing so once in a while especially when it's a gift as you say staring you in the face is that this reinforces in your mindset that you can run and puts this in the noggin for perhaps easier retrieval at a time when you really do need to do it to pull out a game.

I'll grant you that, almost like practicing a skill set sort of thing and the more weapons in your tool box, the better and knowing where each weapon is at a moments notice.

I'm not a huge fan of Bomissionaire but that is based on the fact he is a complete bumhole. Playing wise he is one of the top QBs in the league even though a lot of his success is cuz of how good the Stumps oline is.

But it's hard to argue with success and he has been successful. I think he is probably scared of running as it's well known he doesn't like to get hit but it works for him so hard to disagree with what he does.


Bombers vs Stamps in Western Final. Tight game, Stamps at the Bombers 15 yard line, 3rd and 10 , trailing the Bombers by 6 with 20 seconds to go in the 4th.

Bo in shot gun, sets up in the pocket, check right, then left and rolls out desperately looking for an open man, then suddenly a 20 yard wide open seam to the endzone appears, its lined with daffodils and shiny gold bars, Stamp fans rise to their feet, cheering and hugging one another and then, then…

Bo throws hail Mary, Incomplete. Cya next year. :o