Bo-nanza: Mitchell starts at QB for Stamps

CALGARY — Bo Levi Mitchell will reassume control of the Calgary Stampeders’ offence this week, getting the start in Edmonton on Saturday against the Elks.

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This is why I picked the Stamps to win. He obviously wasn't 100% when he was playing early on this season, but hopefully he is now.

Alright here we go. Lets give these other teams a hella of a run. There gonna do everything to KO the stamps early in the season but that's okay thats how we want them. Bring it

Won't matter. Maier was doing a bang up job filling in for Bo.

Bo knows that his offence blows... :laughing:

Your daddy blows. Hater :laughing:

I don't hate the Stamps. But they are waaaaay out of their usual top spot this year. That team doesn't scare me right now. IMHO not even a healthy Bo could've steered them any higher. I'm sure Dickenson and Hufnagel will find the talent and plug them in before season's end. If anyone knows how to rebuild a team it's these guys. :thinking:

Bow Tie Mitchell at can't finish a year,come November the temperature dips to 10c.

Bow can't throw in the cold!

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