Bo Lokombo Traded - Crazy

I certainly can’t understand this. Only thing I can think of is clearing cap space to go after a d-lineman.

On vient de signer Wilder Jr, d’augmenter le salaire d’Adams Jr et d’étendre d’un an le contrat de Eugene Lewis. Il fallait bien s’attendre à ce que ça fasse mal quelque part, même si j’étais trop naïf pour croire que ça ne serait pas si pire.

Wasn’t too excited by the signings so far, as I was waiting for the other shoe to drop… something had to give. Waiting for the smoke to clear and see what roster we’re left with when all is said & done… but yes, not too happy this morning.

On vient de donner/laisser aller Lokombo pour rien. Un choix conditionnel de huitième ronde? Qu’elle est la condition? Que Lokombo accepte un nouveau contrat des Argonauts? Je ne vois pas autre condition, étant donné qu’il est signé pour 2020. Si cette décision permet d’offrir un nouveau contrat à Chris Ackie, moins pire.

L’augmentation exagérée à Vernon va faire mal.


I assume the price for Lokombo was so low because we need cap space to re-sign Ackie. If that’s not the case this is a terrrrrrible trade.

TinyDancer is on the move !

… creating cap space and that Lokombo’ salary is so high that there was no other value to be had … it will be interesting to see what happens if Argos try to re-jig his contract … could end up getting released

Yup. We can only hope that
Ackie is ready to sign. Gota add Loffler to this conversation. Hopefully this means he is Healthy and ready to go in 2020.
All three are just that good and play Similar positions & also can als double on coverage teams.
Under the cap their just isnt enough room for all three.
Tough decisions needed to be made.

As I understand it Loffler is still injured and injured players cannot be released. I sure hope that Ackie resigns. I’m going to miss Loboko what a hitter.


Bad trade! Giving away a very good player for nothing.

Or, if he was overpaid by Reed to get him to sign, then getting something for a player who was going to be released eventually (depending on the bonuses in his contract) … it will be interesting to see if Argos try to “restructure” the contract

Other thing is fit. Lokombo is what you might call a hitting safety, in the mold of Kyries Hebert and Will Loftus. Guys who excel at putting the big stick on a receiver, but who aren’t necessarily the best in coverage or at reading the QB’s eyes for interceptions. Loffler and Ackie, I think, fall more into the cover safety category, in the mold of Matthieu Proulx or even Barron Miles, when he was an Al. Once Loffler got injured our defense really seemed to get more porous. Not saying that was all on Lokombo but it’s possible that Slowik concluded he wasn’t the best fit for the defense he’s trying to run.


Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, you can call him names if you want. But it’s still pretty juvenile.

Obviously, the only reason to trade Bo Lokombo right now was to avoid paying him a February 1 bonus. Even if he was scheduled to make close to $200,000 (according to Herb Zurkowsky), the team could have waited until training camp to make a decision if there was no off-season bonus due.

Ruff job being a GM in the pro sports salary cap era.
I know I couldnt do it.
So i will leave it at that

Agreed … the salary cap means it is not just “keep the best players” … we fans don’t have the financial details to weigh … nor do we know how plans/schemes play into decisions

But if “I know I couldn’t do it” becomes a standard for anyone posting, things will get very quiet around here … LOL

Lol. True that

It is a shame that Lokombo has been traded.

I actually thought that he was more impactful than Ackie as the WIL linebacker in 2019, and the fact that he is one of the only impactful defensive players who can speak French (with Muamba and Pruneau) was appreciated.

Like the others, the trade is likely due to his cap hit and/or the football staff values Ackie and Loffler more than him respectively at WIL and at safety.

Exact, Richard.

La mauvaise gestion semble s’implanter.

C’est d’autant plus vrai qu’on ne sais pas si Ackie va revenir non plus. Avoir Lokombo en réserve était une bonne police d’assurance. Et je crois qu’Ackie est maintenant plus fragile que Lokombo. Donner un contrat à Ackie, d’accord, mais s’il se blesse encore pour de longues périodes, on ne sera pas plus avancés. Juste un peu plus pauvres.