Bo Levi Signs with Cats

According to this article, Calvillo once played for HAM but we let him go to MTL. I'm not sure why no one ever mentions that.

Grey Cup or bust: Bo Levi Mitchell's tenure with Ticats will be defined by ability to win CFL title - 3DownNation

When the Ticats signed Danny McManus in 1998, the Ticats let go of a promising, albeit inconsistent quarterback by the name of Anthony Calvillo. Calvillo not only had one of the greatest careers of all time in Montreal, he also guided the Als to eight Grey Cup appearances and three championships during a decade in which the Ticats were arguably the worst team in the league.

The Tabbies won a Grey Cup with McManus at the helm in 1999, making the decision to let Calvillo leave a short-term success. With that said, watching Calvillo light it up year after year in Montreal has always been a sore spot for fans in Hamilton.

Dane Evans is unlikely to become the next Anthony Calvillo but if he goes on to achieve success elsewhere, it will only heighten the angst of local fans.


Can't help but agree but there are some pieces left unsigned that they should definitely want back.

The teams I see with guys other teams will for sure be after are Hamilton, Montreal, Toronto, Saskatchewan, and there are a hand full of guys in Calgary, and if they don't get a deal done Lawler in Edmonton.

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If I'm not mistaken Calvillo and his early career inconsistancy, much like Masoli and Evans got him run out of town by the fans. Rather than his future in Montreal being a sore spot in Tiger Cat fans, I think most of the fans who called for his head lived throughout his career regretting their misjudgement of him. Losing always brings more impatience than it should.

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are fans really able to run players out of town?


Only in Saskatchewan and only if they have a big pile of manure . :poop:



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Actually I seem to recall that at the time Lancaster was not interested in retaining Calvillo as Danny Macs backup . He preferred bringing in his own backup QB Cody Ledbetter from his time in Edmonton .


Well said.


No angst...promise

Promising Calvillo was a backup for 2 additional seasons in Montreal to Tracy Ham.
McMann as we know was great with the Cats until ownership crumbled and we were barely fielding a team. Not McManus fault.


This franchise usually goes sooo long without a championship that the fans (and management) are willing to sacrifice the long term, medium term, short term and *any other term * to get the championship.

As for Alouettes success in 2000s; it wasn't just Calvillo; but their entire roster was built SOLID; ours not so much. We thought that bringing in a QB like Printers or Maas would solve our problems; they didn't have a good supporting cast; so didn't have a chance.

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We should collectively decide while memories are fresh, for the sake of the historical record.

If Dane leaves HAM will it be because the fans ran him out of town? Or will the decision actually have been made by the team’s football operations staff?

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The latter. We didn't even run Masoli out of town and he needed it.

Oh that sounds pretty clear . So long Don Jackson .

Fans don't have a voice in player transactions/roster construction although we were able to run Art Briles out of town.

If fans did have a voice Okafor and Durant would not have dressed.

I will say management was ultra aggressive and did not care about anyone knowing they wanted to improve at QB even though our starter was still under contract.

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Correct me if I’m wrong (and usually I am) but didn’t Ticats fans run Tom Clements out of town after a playoff loss in 1982 or 83 by throwing bricks/rocks through his windows?

Unless I dreamt this, I seem to recall that Clements was not overly fond of his time in the Hammer due to some volatile fans.

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Also because him and Ballard did not see eye to eye about money.

Bomber QB at the time was T.J. Rubley. Thank you Jeff Reinboldt

No correction needed . Sadly there was an incident of certain people (I wouldn't classify them as fans , more like thugs) who did throw rocks through Clements windows while he was here in Hamilton .

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We just had some "extra passionate" fans back then. Things were different, folks lived and died with their team. When your team won, you had a great week, full of bliss; when they lost folks were miserable.

I try not to judge the past with todays mindset. The passion of ticat fans is what made me a fan.
Jumping on the field after the game was fun. Some would climb the goal posts; even try to take topple them over.
That was then and this is now; but if the youth had that type of passion for the game now; we would have twice as many fans, would have needed a 40,000 seat stadium. (I'm not advocating any violence or crazy behavior)

Calvillo was behind a terrible O-line in Hamilton. To the point of him refusing to play his last game out of fear for his health (straight from the mouth of TiCat management to me).

The big factors for Montreal were Calvillo PLUS Pringle and Cahoon. Mike Pringle was an unstoppable beast. A.C. Made a living off of play action and quick slants with that tandem. Hence, the success.