Bo-Levi on his way to become top 3 QB of all-time

He is unbelievable. He is a free agent and the Stamps would be wise to lock him up and make him the highest paid CFL player ever outside of those million dollar deals in the '80s and '90s.

The NFL will be knocking on the door come December so John Hufnagel and Dave Dickenson need to sign him ASAP.

Flutie, Moon, and as of now I think it’s Calvillo-Allen-Russ Jackson-Lancaster-Dunigan-Brock and Bo-Levi with another championship and 2-3 seasons with consistency will pass all of them and go into #3 in 2-3 seasons.

Then he has a chance to beat Flutie/Moon. He will not go down as one of the entertaining or player that changed the game DNA but pound for pound can become the games greatest.

NFL might come knocking...unfortunately, he will be 29 going into next season, so I wouldn't bank on a lot of serious offers.

29 is perfect for QB's. Moon, Flutie, Garcia. Age means little now a days in football.

It's all about talent and this guy has it.

Absolute nonsense. So far in his four years starting for the Stamps Bo-Levi Mitchell has one all-star team selection, one Most Outstanding Player award and one Grey Cup ring. Good, but hardly dominant. Yet you’re extrapolating these numbers to top three of all-time status? Who says he’s going to even play enough years to get up there with the all-time greats?

Worse yet I see no mention of either Ricky Ray or Henry Burris, who certainly have all-time great numbers, nor Mike Reilly who also has one all-star team selection, one Most Outstanding Player award and two Grey Cup rings although only one as a starter. Moreover Reilly looks to have the inside track as this year’s all-star QB.


Great QB but not even the greatest in the league at this point. That would be Mike Reilly the past two seasons.

Calgary is winning primarily due to their defense. Put Mitchell on Edmonton and they would be sub .500. Put REilly on Calgary and they probably have at least the same record or are possibly undefeated but with a greater PPG totals.

The only stat Mitchel has that is truly great is his win-loss record which I’d argue is a team not a personal stat. His personal stats, although good, would be far from the unbelievable category.

He’s got a long ways to go to be in the all time greats conversation IMO. Calgary has been the top dog ever year he’s started and he’s certainly been a big part of that, but it’s just too short of a time frame to make a statement like that. With such stacked teams he needs to put together some Grey Cups.

....this....appearances don’t count...

We will agree to disagree.

That is BS.
Bo may not put up the gawdy number Reilly does sometimes. That’s because he doesn’t need to because Calgary is almost always leading. Look at the previous 2 weeks against Sask and Winnipeg, Calgary was playing from behind most of these games. The result Bo had to push harder and put up nearly 750 passing yards and 7 TDS. — excellent numbers
Those who think Reilly is better not understand Calgary’s strategy

Bo has already stated, it will take a great opportunity for him to sign in the NFL. He is not interested in holding a clip board and becoming a journeymen player. At this point I don’t think that great opportunity will happen
He has a lot going for him in Calgary and he and Huff have already talked, but no potential deal will be done until a new CBA is in place.
If you are a betting man, look for BLM to stay a Stampeder for along time
Sorry rider, eskimo,Lions and bombers fans , looks like another decade of winter for you

A more intriguing conversation right now is Alex Singleton.
He could get considerable NFL attention. If not I’m sure many CFL teams will bid for him. If still in the CFL next year, he will probably be the highest paid non QB in the league.

…it’s an interesting conundrum, do you stay a CFL QB and make a pretty decent salary while at the same time building a legacy for your name in the league (ala Lancaster, Calvillo, Flutie) or do you jump to the NFL for ridiculous money but no reputation left behind… I’m sure Hufnagel has had that chat with BLM…

In other news. Duron Carter is on his way to becoming a top 3 receiver of all time… ::slight_smile:

If he tries out for the NFL, there is no guarantee he makes the team. If he makes the team, there is no guarantee he makes the 53 man roster. Being stuck on the practice roster ($5700 per week over an NFL season so approx. ) for most or all of the season essentially means he will be losing a significant amount of income vs. staying in the CFL and earning $500,000 or more per season.

Mitchell knows the odds are against him even making an NFL roster so it’s likely he signs a long term contract with Calgary in the off-season to become the highest paid player in the league.

I guess Jeff Garcia wouldn’t know what he is talking about as he said he would be great in the NFL. Hey I am a Calgary fan would not wanthim to go but that would be selfish of me. But I guess you might know more than Garcia I guess!

I guess Jeff Garcia wouldn't know what he is talking about as he said he would be great in the NFL. Hey I am a Calgary fan would not wanthim to go but that would be selfish of me. But I guess you might know more than Garcia I guess!
Huh?! So how precisely does playing in the NFL enable Bo-Levi Mitchell to gain status as one of the top three CFL quarterbacks of all time?


Garcia can say whatever he wants. There are many QBs that have potential to do well in the NFL. That doesn’t mean they will, nor does it mean 1 of 32 GMs agrees

Bo is 28. A league MVP and a Grey Cup MVP. His win/lose record is staggering. At the pace he’s at he will no doubt be one of the top3.

So if Bo needs more Grey Cups to meet your standard, what does that say about Ron Lancaster?

Mitchell needs a lot more of everything to be mentioned in any conversation of the top three QBs in league history. Come back in ten years time.