Bo Levi Mitchell

Sources tell me that Hamilton has reached out to Calgary to discuss trading for Bo Levi.

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A little birdie is whispering in your ear? Pray tell us more.

While there’s some value…

Wouldn't be a bad move for either side, if true.

Its one of those neither here nor there trades. While Bo-Levi is still fairly young on paper, his parts are wearing down, he doesn't like taking hits (most CFL QBs have to take a certain number of post-throw hits, some very vicious) . . .

Hamilton is on last legs and if Orlondo & The GM of the Weak guy can convince Caretakes to authorize extra coin to pay BLM, then why not?

Dane Edith Evans is really banged up and so is his replacement.

Hamilton might have some solid DTs to help Cowboys plug up there woeful inside run stop, plus the requisite extra draft picks in upcoming drafts.

Good for both teams!
Bad for both teams!

The Bo-Levi Express!

If you are going to post something that implies you have some inside info, you need to tell us a little more, as Porky says. Otherwise it is just rumour and speculation that I have heard already.

Considering it to be rumour and speculation, I would say that the Ticats would have to be pretty desperate to salvage something from this season to entertain any thoughts of snagging Bo. I would also think that Schlitz would have to be out for a while as I can’t see any advantage to Bo 2022 over him. Bo also isn’t a long term solution, which the Ticats need above all. The price to obtain him would have to be minimal before I would even consider it. Perhaps it would be.

But, it seems reasonable and logical.
Hamilton and Ottawa and Edmonton need qb upgrades, that's why their records are below par.
Even BC after Rourke's injuries are unstable at qb, scoring only 16 against a middling team.
Bo is still a very good qb, and but not respected enough for his many wins, he could have stayed in NFL as a backup for longer than he did.
Calgary's budgets can not afford Bo as a back up qb.

Hope he gets to Eskies via an Eastern team.

Kinda like Collaros coming west via Toronto. That really stung.

All logical if you believe that Bo is still a very good QB, as you do. I’m not convinced he is. His ego also isn’t an asset.

Stein implied it could be long term for Shiltz. But as usual he didn't give us much.

And then moved to Edmonton in a 3 way trade.

Bo never played in the NFL in any capacity.

Well he is a Friday Nights Lights guy. Hard to give up on a guy who should have won all 4 appearances if not for coaching gaffs or receiver fumbles. I think he is being punished for ripping the team a few weeks back. But Maier is younger and the Stamps don't have a problem finding QB's. Spread the wealth, but not until after this season.