Bo Levi Mitchell

I was saddened by this news even as an opposing fan of this team. I figure most fans of the CFL are as well, because Bo Levi Mitchell is the best quarterback though I'm sure a few will try to argue for others.

Anyway, you fans of the Stamps, whom do you groom the most now?

Sure it sounds like Mitchell is going to play, but a groin injury is very easy to aggravate and then I figure as it's high risk, then you are out for a very long time to heal up that one.

And then even if shot up, you are not the same for the foundation of your throws and footwork because arm strength alone won't do it in pro football let alone top-level shamateur play.

Never like to see star players injured.

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Wow, that really sucks, especially since he was completely healthy and recovered from his shoulder injury.

Never could figure out the attraction for mentioning the guy's middle name all of the time either in print or verbally on TV.

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its likely cause that's what he goes by , i know multiple other players middle name but they don't get called by there full name , i only found other athletes full names since it was in university personal info on there university profiles

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I believe it's a southern US thing. Bo is from Texas (which reminds me of another more famous Texan, Stevie Ray Vaughan).


I think I know a good way to get the TV commentators to stop doing that -- for Calgary away games, get the public address announcer to announce the entire name of the person making the stop on defense, who caught the pass for the first down, etc.

This will send a message to TSN's CFL headquarters we are getting sick of hearing his entire name. It will get the fans in the stands to laugh out loud too.

For example, if Calvillo and Cahoon still played and the game was against Calgary at Montreal, the PA announcer would say ....

***-"Anthony James Calvillo's pass complete to Ben Stewart Cahoon for the first down!"

That would get the TSN folks to shut up about saying Bo's entire name and allow for the other 8 teams in the league to rip on Calgary.

***- Don't know Calvillo's or Cahoon's middle name. This was just an example.

Why don’t the commentators just call him “Mitchell”. They always did the same with “Ricky Ray” didn’t they. Generally QBs get the full name. All buds I guess?

Actually there are more Canadian in the CFL using their first and middle names, Just did a quick check of the Als Canadian roster and there are few first/middle name guys. It's a Canadian thing too.

  • Jean-Samuel Blanc, Pierre Luc Caron, Marc-Antoine Dequoy, Jean-Phillipe Gagne, and Ottawa has a guy - Louis-Phillipe Bourassa. Should they not use both their names on TV too?

It’s a very common French/French- Canadian thing to hyphenate both given names as well as surnames.

Agree the BLM thing gets a bit over the top at times. Maybe because he’s a qb he is just mentioned that much more often and it starts to wear on you. Break it up once in a while and Just call him Mitchell more often or Bo Levi.

Off topic, ever notice how every killer is always mentioned by their full given, middle, and last names also? Just a weird quirk I guess.

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Not sure if this is serious or not, but even if it is, its no different than what all teams are going through right now. I have a feeling (I hope I'm wrong) that this season is going to be a shit show with all the injuries we are seeing and going to see.

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Billy-Bob Thorton, Billy-Joe Tolliver, Billy-joe Dupree, Billy Joe McAllister

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Wow the haterade for a guy because that's his name? You obviously don't get it or have some other axe to grind. It's not a new thing and is common in the American South.

Well just off the top of my head I can list perhaps the 5 most infamous 3 name killers out there . I'm sure there are more , but these 5 are probably the top 5 known to the public .

John Wilkes Booth
James Earl Ray
Lee Harvey Oswald
Mark David Chapman
John Wayne Gacy

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Please do not bad-mouth Santa Claus

On a lighter front, the three-name bad-guy or heel trend has worked well in Hollywood and WWE for years, so I approve of this message.

Bo Levi Mitchell is not a bad guy unless we play him, and then of course I want him clobbered by the Eskimo defence but not hurt of course.

King Kong Bundy Christopher Alan Pallies GIF from Kingkongbundy GIFs

Eskimos defence will never clobber anyone. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It's fun to say, I'm not a stamps fan (obviously) but that's probably all there is to it. It's just fun

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LOL - good one - some would say Bo-levi Mitchell is a killer

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Hey that reminds me , I forgot about the most famous 3 named "Killer" of them all... :musical_keyboard: :musical_note: :musical_keyboard: :musical_note: :musical_keyboard: :musical_note:

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