Bo Levi Mitchell not pleased with Riders fans

in response to some some trash talk by Rider fans on his Twitter account, Bo posted the following...

Bo Levi Mitchell ?@BoLeviMitchell
Leave it to Rider fans to talk trash after a 3-15 season. Please stop. It's pathetic.

But Rider fans are #1 at spamming online polls, so they have ever reason to trash talk! :cowboy:

Bo is a fairly laid back guy and was great during GC week in WPG. Meeting fans and doing whatever was asked of him . Out of the 9 CFL teams , he only calls out 1 .

It's hard to take someone that follows the Bieb's lovelife serious.

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And your trolling his Twitter , first thing this morning . Your proving his point !

Nope, just looked it up this morning to see what the Rider fan hater trolls were eluding to.

Good for BLM. Not all Rider fans are obnoxious twits, but many of them are. I suppose when you live in Regina, it's bound to impoverish your outlook.

And if he got traded to the green riders tomorrow they would be the best fans in the world of sports.

That kind of comment is nothing but free publicity. Please stop, it's pathetic.

I thought you only bashed Ticat fans.

Let me know when you identify the city with only good fans and no boorish ones. (Perhaps that’s Montreal?)

Going there ? Really ? :?

Not bashing, just speaking the truth. Many Rider fans are insufferable, judgmental wads who would cheer for a serial killer as long as he was wearing Rider colors. It’s sad, because they give Rider fans a bad name.

Let me know when you identify the city with only good fans and no boorish ones. (Perhaps that's Montreal?)
Nope, Montreal has its share of terrible fans too. But the level of absurd, tin-foil-hat devotion to the franchise, regardless of what's right or wrong -- in other words, the kind of idiot's loyalty you normally see from a fascist dictator's supporters -- is a characteristic of too many SSK fans.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

[i]It's generally said that the Rider fans are the worst fans in the CFL. But they have company down at the bottom.

The Ticat fans are just as bad, even worse!

By the way, did all of you Ticat fans manage to sell your Grey Cup tickets on Kijiji? :smiley:

Anyway, this would make a great poll!

"Which team has the most jacka$$ fans?"

A. Riders

B. Ticats

Johnny votes Ticats!!! :rockin: [/i]

Rider fans vote for themselves in every poll :lol: :lol: :lol: and all Cats fans would vote for the Riders too. They would win in a landslide, not even close, they might only get one Johnny vote :wink:


Pot calling kettle black.

Please, every team has it’s obnoxious twits. Just look at any post about the riders that those twits come out of the woodwork (particularly from fans of western division rivals) and they are just as bad.

Fixed it up for ya Johnny !!! :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:…Yer Welcome !!! My vote goes to G. :rockin: