Bo Levi Mitchell is not the best quarterback

he threw 4 interceptions in the 2016 grey cup and lost the cup. how did he win mop in 2016 I don't know. He threw a critical interception in the 2017 grey cup when they could have just kicked it for the tie and into another quarter and lost the 2017 grey cup. He never runs the ball he just sits behind his defense which is the best in the league and it artificially makes him look great, but he is not. I'm very happy calgary lost the last 2 grey cups and I cant wait for them to lose the 2018 grey cup.The best quarterback for the last two years is Mike Reilly. The most exciting quarterback is Jeremiah masoli. I put mitchell 4th or 5th.

Not very nice westcoastqb. You sound pretty spiteful and jealous in your rant about Mitchell.

He didn’t say he was the best. He said his mindset was to be the best. Why do you have such a big problem with that?
You are obviously not a stamps fan, why post in the stamps forum... just to put them down? So they have only won one cup in three very recent attempts. Yeah, they should have won more, but that’s how it goes sometimes.
Your team is better?

Mitchell’s attitude is better than yours I think.

they actually should have won less...

They stole the cup from Hamilton on the weakest penalty call ever.

0/3 should be their GC record.

Bo is a very good QB for running what he's got to work with in Calgary - which is usually above average WRs, above average RBs and a solid o-line; combined with solid coaching.

Where Bo breaks down is when facing superior men like Reilly or Ricky Ray. He tends to force things and that's where the Stamps problems begin - and end.

Last year it was a wounded wing and playing at around 225. What will it be this year?

That said, he'll no doubt be in the top 3 for passing yards, TD passes and completions.

Although he's still fairly young and fleet afoot, Bo will not be in the top 5 for rushing QBs as he's definitely shying off running - for risk of injury. He'd rather throw it into the stands than taking a run into masses of humanity for an extra 4 or 5 yds.

Calvillo wasn't much of a runner either but that doesn't stop everyone from fawning all over him.

My question; Is there a team in this league that wouldn't want Bo ?

Nor is Ray. And you can say the same about him being "fawned all over".

Bo breaks down when facing superior men ??
I suggest you good look at the books buddy. Bo has had Mike Reilly's number in head to head contests! Including a 2-1 playoff record.

Well Bo did do a little running on Saturday.
He is barely 28 A league MOP and Grey Cup MVP. He has played in 3 Grey Cups and played quite well in 10 of 12 quarters. He has a 57-10-2 record and has, on several occasions shown his ability to score at important times even if it's not his best game.
People tend to focus on those 2 Grey Cups, In 2016 he brought Calgary all the way back and put them on the 2 yard line for the win. Last year, an untimely and unfortunate fumble cost Calgary the game.
Check out Anthony's Calvillo's Grey Cup history not exactly stellar. Check out Ron Lancaster's too.

Bo actually admitted in an interview shown on TSN that they were one play away from being 0-3 in Grey Cups, citing that penalty call. He also said they were two or three plays away from being 3-0 in Grey Cups.

I thought it was interesting to hear someone admit that. (Even though the correct numbers should be 0-4 and 3-1, since they also lost the 2012 game, as Bo knows very well. Maybe he considers that to be in the pre-historic period.)

BLM wouldn't be a grey cup mvp if the refs weren't in his back pocket.

he wouldn't even own a GC ring.

Bo did not play in 2012

Ti-cats fans just can't get over 2014 can they.
FYI-----that WAS a penalty

Not quite but when he retires maybe it will equalize. It's Toronto you're talking about. Has any Argo ever been fawned over with the same reverence as AC ?

To be honest, I'm sick and tired of the ridiculous penalties against the cats...that one stings, but wasn't the worst...hell, what other team has had as many "admitted" mistakes go against them.

That 2014 call was disgusting. Sure, if I was on the benefiting side of the call, I would say the same thing...."fans just can't get over it"....

But this fan is tired of the bullshit calls against the cats. The season opener had a number of ridiculous calls as well....and only 1 against Calgary, 4 obvious ones against the Cats.

I guess when you're the sweetheart of the league, with the posterboy qb, calls will consistently go your way....

Austin isn't coaching anymore so that should help with the refs being biased agains't the Cats. :wink:


The sweetheart of the league?
Bo gets more hate on the CFL sites than anyone!
Instead of falsely blaming the officials for your failures, why not look at the lousy decisions your organization has made. I've generally been a fan of the Ti-cats, but fans like you take the sheen of the organization.

Once Stamps fans realize their team keeps making lousy decisions and ends up blowing the big game, then they can probably expect other teams to look at their lousy decisions too.

Neither Calgary nor Hamilton are sweetheart teams and Hamilton has had more than their fair share of bad calls against them... It doesn't take a magnifying glass to see who the darlings of the league are. I like to call them darlings and there are more than one. Been that way for as long as I can remember.

Just look at any intros or commercials for the league and you can easily see what logos and teams are represented and which are not. It's blatant. Now Hamilton got some attention this year and it was overkill but GOOD for Hamilton ! I'm happy they got some media time.

What this does show is that even though some teams are favoured, it doesn't necessarily help in attendance.

No conspiracy theories here, just my observations of over 50 years. Many know of what I speak.

Ridiculous. Comparing a couple in game decisions by the Stampeders to the bad decisions that have defined the entire direction of a franchise is laughable