Bo Levi Mitchell and the Vikings

I don’t have much expectation that he catches on there.

Hmmm…I thought teams might be lining up to sign him actually as opposed to having tryouts.

He has said that he may try the NFL if:

  1. Gets a sizeable signing bonus
  2. Gets signed at least to number two
  3. Sees a pathway to become a starter.

Vikings have starter Cousins signed to 84 Mil guaranteed contract.
So there is no pathway there.

I see him signing with Jon Gruden in LA soon to be Las Vegas Raiders.

Jacksonville is obviously looking for a QB but they will be cleaning out Coaches ( including ex CFLer Scott Milanovich who is now OC )

Jacksonville is obviously looking for a QB but they will be cleaning out Coaches ( including ex CFLer Scott Milanovich who is now OC )
He has only been the OC for 2 games..was the QB coach but seeing what he's had to work with not all his doing but he has upped Bortles game.

I would take BLM here if he made the cut …but I think we need to work heavily on the o-line first
And put Bortles back in for now

Oh I totally agree that he upped Bortles game. My comment was more in line that when they ultimately hire a new HC that he will want his own OC.
Maybe Milanovich survives that. I do think Milanovich is a good OC tho. There are so many question marks in Jax land that BLM won’t consider them until things are settled.

If he wants to play…
Jax is the type of team he will need to sign with …otherwise he’ll just be a headset warmer for a couple of years or so

I don’t think he will leave CFL to be a headset warmer for a couple of years. And I don’t think he’ll go to a team in chaos.

On paper BLM is better than at least 2/3 of the current NFL back-ups, prolly 80% of the #3 guys . . . .

In Minnesota, he’s smart to go down immediately and conduct tryouts while the season well more than 65% finished . . . . he can try out while the team is practicing between games, the Vikes still have an outside chance at a wildcard playoff spot.

If Cousins or his primary backup get injured, then Mitchell comes aboard the starting roster as the #2 or #3 guy.

Whether he plays, thats the question?

If the Vikes are eliminated with 2 games left then no harm in throwing Bo to the wolves to see how he does.

Or, if he shows anything in arm strength, instinct and ability to break down defenses on paper - he’ll warrant a full meal signing and tryout at 2019 Vikes camp - which means he won’t be back in the CFL til at least 1/3 way thru the CFL season.

Lyle…he’s not going anywhere this season. its for 2019.
he’s not even free til Feb

First of all I don’t watch the No Funners.
However when I do see by mistake mind you the highlights there is no doubt BLM is better than most first string stiffs.
Teams like Buffalo, Jets, Jax their so called first stringers couldn’t play in our league.
It’s all about politics people.
More money does not = better players.

Well if you don’t watch the NFL your opinion is really not that reliable. Why even weigh in on this?

But there are definitely teams that BLM can play for in the NFL imo. And I am a keen NFL watcher.

You’re a wise man Argo, in spite of what anyone thinks. :wink:

Thanks Dano, there is still a few of us here and consider yourself one.

I feel sorry for you, but enjoy the hype.

Just to be clear-you feel sorry for me because I like both the CFL and the NFL?

I’d respond to this but the mods will keep your silly comment up and delete mine…

But you only came on here to pass judgement on another league and have your little say.

Who cares what others watch? I feel sorry for you living life so immature you have to even say such things

I think his options are limited down here …either a rebuilding team and play or a wait your turn as backup

At the NFL minimum for a “rookie” BLM would make $640,000 Canadian ($760K CAD in 2020, at least $850K in 2021 and $950K in 2022) and face the greatest danger being carpel tunnel syndrome … given some of the retread losers that stick around in the NFL, BLM over 4 years could make at least $3.2 million CAD (undoubtedly more as 2020 is the last year of the current CBA) … that is likely almost a million more than in the CFL without getting his uniform dirty … MUCH more if he were to be a legit backup.

Money walks and money talks in pro sports especially a sport like gridiron where it’s very precarious as to the length of a career due to the violent nature and injuries from the sport.

…I’m sad my team will lose their QB…

Look at this way, you’re probably going to get a better QB…