Bo Levi Mitchell added to six-game injured list; Ticats sign QB N'Kosi Perry

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats stand to be without the services of Bo Levi Mitchell for an extended period.

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Maybe it’s time to hang 'em up. Again, availability tops ability. If he’s out long term, I can’t see a long term future in Hamilton. Apparently no guaranteed money.

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Things keep getting worse for the Cats. How they face the adversity will show what kind of team they are, starting tonight.

Not a doctor nor an expert on injuries but what I saw on TV looked like a legal hit on Mitchell above the waist maybe mid section. He fell backwards but was not hit after hitting the ground. Strange that he is out now for 6 games. He has been out for 6 games a couple of times when playing for Calgary ever since he tried out for the NFL. It seems he is too fragile to play in the CFL anymore. So unfortunate for Ticat fans who really though they had an elite QB who had a real good chance to win a Grey Cup for them this year.

It’s a cap space move. His salary doesn’t count against the cap while hes on the 6 game. The injury should heal in a couple weeks, that is a best guess by the docs though.

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Sure I know that when a player is on the 6 game injury list, that player’s wages do not count against the team Salary Cap.

But don’t they have to be on that 6 game roster for a minimum # games (4 – 6 games ??) before that cuts in?

I do remember reading on here that a player must be on the 6 game for the entire time for there to be cap relief but someone can correct me if I am wrong.

Cap space? Doesn’t matter, there are no players out there to sign and spend the money on.
Maybe after NFL cuts in September but by that time BLM is back from the 6 game

This season has been difficult for the CFL to recruit quality players because of the new leagues in the US, and those new leagues are thought of as the gateway to the NFL. making them attractive to players. :japanese_goblin:

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I still believe that Mitchell has a couple of good years left - I feel for the guy. He must be wondering what else can go wrong? Let’s hope the Cats can survive this early season setback. Here’s hoping!


This is correct.

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Hamilton has a history of nursing injured QBs and holding onto them for a long time and then releasing them - only to have them come back to bite them. Collaros was out for over 2 years, then Masoli, both have done well thanks to the Cats! Now with Evans and Mitchell - the jury is still out as to how well they will do - but for anyone to discount Mitchell at this point is simply wrong - if he can get the Hamilton system down and develop some chemistry with his receivers - watch out for the Cats in the second half of the season. The key is for them to win at least a few games early - this will be the real test for Steinhauer and the rest of the team.

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