Bo-Levi extended through 2018

I thought he would take a shot down south after his current contract, but this is great news for the Stamps! Arash estimates in the 400-450K range.

I am a big fan of Bo-Levi, and its good to see that he is committed to the Stamps and CFL. Nice to have some continuity.

That said, I still don't wish him any success against the Cats, but he is a great player.

Good for him and Calgary. Hopefully if Collaros can keep progressing we would be in a position to sgin him long term and keep him around.

It's funny just a few years ago there was concern about the age of QB's and no real alternatives, and then some key injuries occurred and now some players have really stepped up.

I was listening to Buffalo's WGR 550 sports radio last week and one caller (from western New York) suggested that the Bills should look at a QB in the CFL - Bo-Levi (he got the last name wrong, but I knew who he meant).
I assume BLM didn't hear about this before signing this contract.

Good for the Stamps, and the CFL. :thup:

Great signing for sure for the Stamps!

Calgary Sun article reporting BLM not in the top five paid qb's in league , anyone heard anything different -
That would mean presumably Ray, Burris , Durant, Lulay , Reilly , ? Paid more -
I'm hearing he may have been given a signing bonus in the $200,000 range - which really only compensates for his lower salary last year - but adds about. 50,000 per yr to total - and there are possibilities that he may be lower this year but years 2 ,3and 4 have substantial increases . I don't think you wrap him up for a sub standard contract for the next 4 years .
Your thoughts? What are you hearing

Saw the presser with BLM and Huff. BLM made it 100% clear that he loves the CFL game, the city and the Stamp organization. Also, said he hoped to retire in a Stampeder Jersey. Gotta admit I was surprised by his comments given his young age and ability.

Go Bo :thup:

Although he is not Jeff Garcia or Warren Moon yet. I am one that believes that he is the best QB in quite some time to go right to the CFL from College Football. By signing with the Stamps on April 30th 2012 just a couple days after the NFL draft which was April 26-28 in 2012. The modern path for most college QBs is to sorth through being a rookie Free agent to be signed shortly after the draft or going through the series of NFL rookie mini camps that follow. Looking for a TC contract and possible spot on Practice roster or 53 man.
Gone is the NFLE where many of his ability would be assigned the following spring. As well the heyday of the Arena Football league where a QB may have headed to in the Spring.

Moon spent 6 seasons in the CFL where by his 2nd season he began to take over more and more for the veteran starter and strung together 3-4 seasons as the main guy. When he signed with the NFL Oilers as a free agent he came in as the starter.
Moon was 27-28 when he signed with the NFL Oilers in 1984 and was the starter right away.
Moon 17 NFL years first 12 as a starter and was a 9 time pro bowl selction among other awards.

Garcia played 5 CFL seasons. Year one he did not play much Similar to BLM, BLM was the short Yardage QB. Year too Garcia exploded filling in for the second half of the season for starter Doug Flutie. Year 3 Flutie was off to Toronto and Garcia was a top level starter for three straight years before signing with the 49ers. The 49ers signed him to be the back up to Steve Young in his first season. With the plan that he would take over when Young retired which happened in Garcia's 2nd season.
Garcia from 2000-2003 was the 49ers starter his first 3 he was a pro bowl selection.
2004 and 2005 starter for Browns and Lions. Injuries and bad teams in both seasons.
2006 signed with the Eagles as the top Back up to McNabb. McNabb had a season ending injury and Garcia stepped in with a strong end of the season he led the Eagles to the playoffs.
2007-2008 Tampa Bay where he was the starter and pro bowler and playoffs in 2007. 2008 Garcia and Tampa struggled and he lost his starting job.
Basically he had a very strong 10 year NFL career after staying and playing in the CFL becoming an established top pro QB.
Garcia rounded out his career short stint in 2009 in the NFL.
Garcia entered the NFL at age 29 and became a starter at age 30.

2010 played for Omaha in the UFL.
On a side note, at that time the UFL had a strong level of talent and Omaha particular had a strong fan base. Jeff was the starter and the season went according to plan and played 8 games with season and playoffs. The UFL fell apart quckly after that. Forgotten though the 2010 season went according to plan with many players signing with NFL teams the second half of the season when injuries hit the league hard. Many many of the players from that season were able to become solid NFL and solid to star CFL players.

I mention this with a few star CFL QBs who rushed to take a NFL shot
. Ricky Ray being one. Starting in the Arena Football League in Spring 2002 after his rookie 2001 season in 49ers TC not making a good showing. He thrived through 7 games in the AFL before his coach Rick Worman connected him to EDM. After only two seasons in EDM, 2002-2003 he signed with the Jets. This was against the advice of Warren Moon who try to convince him not to go so quickly. He was signed by the Jets for the 2004 season. He dressed for only 6 games and his only action came as a holder. After the '04 season the Jets released him and he got zero NFL offers. ( Should have listened to Moon)

Henry Burris as well. Going undrafted in the NFL in 1997 he spent the season on the Stamps PR.
1998 he was number 3 QB not seeing much time behind Garcia and Dickenson.
1999 he moved to back up Dickenson after Garcia signed with the 49ers.
2000 he went to the Riders where he became a starting QB for the first time.
2001 he jumped quickly to the 1st NFL team to show interest, The Packers. Spent first part of the 2001 season as the number three QB and the second part on the Practice roster.
2002 Signed with the Bears and did not see much playing time until the last two games with the Bears out of contention.
2003 Spring the Bears, as was the norm for NFL teams to do with QBs at the time, assigned him to NFLE Berlin Thunder. Where he was no the starter but saw signifigant time as the number 2. Thus ending his NFL career and returned to the Riders right after the NFLE season as there to back up to finish the 2003 season.

I seriously see BLM having a great chance to be in the position of a Warren Moon and Jeff Garcia.
BLM has probably heeded this advice from one who knows in Dave Dickenson.

Dickenson as well tried the same path as Burris and Ray.
1997-2000 with Calgary. '97 (his first pro season) and '98 he spent as a Stamps back up. '99 and 2000 took over as starter with Garcia in the NFL. Great 2000 season saw NFL attention.
2001 3rd string QB with the Chargers. Dressed for 16 games no stats.
2002 released by Chargers after training camps. spent time on Seattle, Miami, and Detroits rosters. Total of 4 games dressed with no stats.
2003 back to CFL and BC Lions

I am thinking along the same lines as you are. First likely the signing bonus was part of it. With the locking up of Tate as well he likely has gotten a better salary than any other back up. So for this upcoming season BLMs contract could be a bit lower because of that.
Certainly has the NFL interested but at this point there would be no guarantees. after 2018 he could have a choice of teams.
Likely not thinking that he would go through 2018 that may change the plans for Tate and the Stamps after the 2015 season provided both are healthy.
Huf is smart enough now to be able to get a back up behind BLM aside from Tate developed by the Stamps or acquired from another team or Free Agency.
Right now I would consider Calgary as the only team with two starting QBs.
Behind them would be the Riders with A prime time starter in Durant and currently the only real veteran back up that can be plugged and play. With easily having the ability to win games during the season in place of a starter, Kevin Glenn.
Toronto now has the best young back up in Trevor Harris. Being along the lines of Reilly, Willy, and Collaros. Could be the one who stays with his current team, Toronto, as the smooth transition to replace Ray in the near future.
Better QBs overall in the CFL now than a few years ago. With the likes of Crompton and Lefevour who may or may not become the elite starters but could bring back to the CFL Teams having a much better back up with several years of pro experience and playing time. I would not count out Matt Nichols either. He was developed and progressed in EDM at the perfect pace starting on their PR in 2010. A terrible injury jeoperdized everything. After rehabbing the whole 2013 season he was back up to Reilly last year. Would not be too harsh on his performance last year. Considering 2 of his 3 starts came during the home and home labor day vs Calgary. His 3rd was a semi final win over the Riders. His last big chunk of PT came in the west final in releif of Reilly. He could be a guy that EDM lets go but would thrive as a back up on a good team like Calgary.

The Stamps do have a potential rising young back up in Moniz. Squeezed around some injuries he had a great career at Hawaii and also was able to have a great season in the Arena Football League in 2012 before being injured again. That little extra season getting full time play as a starter in the AFL combined with this coming season being his second in he CFL puts him on pace for 2016 in his 3rd CFL season and 4th as a pro overall where QBs begin to emerge and take the step up as a number 2.

As to his salary I think that the time has come where some of the top CFL players can parlay the CFL celebrity and on field success into $$$ off the field.
There are some elite players who are getting some local fridge benefits from local business by way of spokesperson endorsing a product or company.
Calgary Flames S&E now having the Stamps under their brande could see BLM and some NHL Flames players involved in some better endorsements.
TSN has brought the CFL back in popularity Nationally now. With Quality TV ratings staying steady. A very professional and modern production of games with pre, post, and haltime shows.
More quality programming getting better each year via E-Camp coverage, Documentary series, weekly show CFL in 30, and at least coverage of the draft (though it needs to be improved).
Growing Radio programming of CFL teams in their city and now each team with its own online coverage of TV type shows. Those two should be able to combine to have local networks having more programming surrounding each team. With extended pre, post game shows and a weekly highlight show.

As a Sask fan…OH NO!

As a fan of the CFL … GREAT news. BLM is a fantastic young talent with many great years ahead. Agree with cflsteve…time to market the heck out of him. Would love to see Air Mitchell’s or a Mcain’s commercial with Bo saying “Catch the Taste!”

Great opportunity with a great young athlete. Might just be what we need to draw the young fans in.

Great job Huff and Co. :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Interesting overview, cflsteve! Warren Moon also advised Casey Printers to get established in the CFL before he tried down south. He might have been able to secure a NFL roster position rather than the practice squad. His 115 QB rating in 2004 was the highest of a starting QB for many years. He passed for over 5,000 yds with 35 Td, 10 Int. He rushed for 9 Td and was named League MOP (and Printers didn't even start the first 4 games of the season). The Lions offered him a $1.6M - 4 yr deal in 2005 but he'd already made his mind up to try the NFL.

Kerwin Bell also played in the NFL after he played in Canada. He has the highest QB rating in NFL history, playing one drive going 5 of 5 for 75 yds and 1 Td with a QBR of 158.

Dave Dickenson graded out in the Chargers 2001 training camp as their top QB, over Flutie and Brees. Dickenson has the highest QB rating in CFl history, for a QB who started for several seasons.

Other NFL QB's who made their name in Canada were Joe Pisarcik, Joe Theisman, Deiter Brock & Sean Salisbury. Trent Green was on the Lions practice roster but never played in the CFL, I don't believe. I'm sure there were many others?

I remember all of them. Some very interesting cases.
Brock after having a full All-Star filled CFL career he went to the Rams for one season. Led then to the NFC Championship game and then that was it.
Sean Salisbury had a good career at USC. In the days before the Practice rosters and NFLE.He was cut his rookie season by the seahawks in 1986, the year after the USFL folded. in '87 he was a back up for colts seeing very little time.
88-89 with the Bombers, in '89 as starter won the GC. he did not play again until 1992 with the Vikes. 4 NFL seasons post Grey Cup he was a solid backup in the NFL.
We all know the Theisman story.
I remember Printers with the Chiefs. The Chiefs were the team on the Hard Knocks series and he was non too happy when he got called in and released after not getting much of a chance in the pre season. Playing mostly in 4th qtr mop up time he stated " How can I make Chicken Soup out of Chicken Shi…" referring to playing camp bodies with no chance of making the team.
I did not know Moon advised him against going too early as well. He lost his mind after the Chiefs ordeal. He is still just 33-34. He had some prime years left. ending with the Terrell Owens player/owner low division indoor football league team in 2012.

Forgot all about Joe Piss-or-chuck.

There'd also be Joe Kapp, Peter Liske and Erik Kramer.

I think Mike Reilly could also play in the NFL. He was developed the right way. 2009 NFL PRs. 2010 started on the Lions PR signing in July after his last release from the NFL came in may of '10. Moved to the number 3 in 2010 and all of 2011. 2012 was number 2 and showed he could play when filling in for Lulay. Two years as a starter now under his belt. Last season for sure was among the top QBs.
Being 30 now may sway teams away but its different for a QB. Reillly spent 4 seasons developing and did not play any real time until his 4th season in 2012. So his body only has two seasons of pro football pounding.
Being good friends with Aaron Rodgers could have en edge to be his number 2