Bo Levi coming to the Hammer?

I don't know if a drive from Hamilton to Texas/Oklahoma would go through Toronto . I mean I'm no navigator .

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Nah, leave Dane alone. That would only happen if Condell is the driver.


Here's a non-committal statement, from an anonymous Twitter account, citing unnamed Insiders. But "Insiders" starts with uppercase, so they must be Important.

(Hey, it's a slow day.)

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Do you like green riders and rod?
I do not like them, that's not odd.
I do not like green riders or rod.

I would not like them here or there.
I would not like them anywhere.

I do not like them on the field.
I do not like them when concealed.

I do not like them on TV.
I do not like them at all, you see!


You had my interest until I saw at the end that Rod Pedersen was the guy who apparently reported this on twitter . :roll_eyes:


I do not like green eggs and ham . ExPat , you brought back many wonderful memories of reading to our daughter . Now she reads it to her primary classes . :heartbeat:


I’m still waiting for Rod’s prediction of the Rock swooping in with the XFL merger to save the CFL to come to pass.


It took me a second to figure out which rod you were referring to. :smile:

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Ha! You're welcome. (I was the poet laureate there, Pat).


One of the recognized "insiders," had a quick response to that tweet ExPat posted and bobo82 reported as coming from Rod Pedersen:

Dave Naylor

Not this insider …


My bad . You are indeed the Canadian Robert Frost . One of my favourite poems is Death of the Hired Man by Bobby Frost . I used to cover it in my grade 8 classes . Thanks to Mrs. Jones at Westdale for her wonderful classes as well as being a great Tiger-Cat fan .

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Doesn't sound like MBT is going to retire


Maybe he was talking about his darts league.

Count me among the surprised if he comes back to the CFL.

When push comes to shove, it’s hard for a lot of these guys to leave the life. But maybe if he wants to be closer to his wife and young daughter he’ll get a gig with the XFL?

I thought I read that MBT is joining the MCU. Or his wife is. Or something.

Marvel Cinematic Universe?
Ministry of Colleges and Universities?

His wife works for Disney/Marvel and apparently is doing big things, so , he doesn't need the CFL money if he wants to retire. I read this in more then one source.


That's pretty much what I read too. She's the head writer of the upcoming Marvel series "Ironheart"

I'm wondering if the Argos would consider nudging MBT out the door whether he wants to retire or not? If Chad Kelly is ready to take over the reins then there is no point in keeping MBT around anymore.


Interesting comment by Bo about co-ordinators.

I wonder what he thinks of Condell? If he is not that fond of him then would Orlondo ditch Condell or would he instead scrap the BLM plans?