Bo Levi coming to the Hammer?

The question: what CFL city will that trailer be driving back to.
I dont blame Dane for leaving (if he is). A fresh start would probably be great for his career. And he would probably come back and bite us.

Well knowing our luck we will probably see BO sign in Toronto , Evans going to perhaps Saskatchewan and Shiltz signing elsewhere which will leave us with God knows what or who as our QB next year .

Still would leave Fajardo and Trevor Harris alive and well in the CFL FA QB musical chairs game.

With the price of rentals as ridiculous as they are in Hamilton right now, maybe it’s just cheaper for Dane to relocate his family to Oklahoma in the off season.


Especially with a grandchild, wouldn't say unusual to go back to the US

Ivy is his daughter not grandchild


I'd say no thanks to either of them to be honest . Harris is going to be 37 come next year and hasn't won anything in his career . I really don't see the point of signing a guy who has if you're lucky maybe a year , maybe two left before he hangs them up .

As for Fajardo ? Well let's just say that I've never really been a fan of his and his whiny me , me , me attitude . Also he is another guy who has won SFA in his career and I honestly don't think he has the chops to start reversing that trend now .


Did you (or anyone else piling on) ever think that some people post things to social media for people other than football fans and media?

Perhaps he's simply telling his network of friends and family that he's coming home for the offseason?


Masoli developed into a great CFL QB, I was a detractor his first season, when a fumble sealed a loss, but since then he played some good football,no one can throw off the back foot like JM and set the bar for concecutive completions ! Both Evans and Mazoli had mediocre play calling from upstairs imho


I don’t see it that way. Too easy to reach out to friends and family with calls or texts. If these folks are important to Dane then they deserve direct communication.

Posting something like this on social media is for world wide consumption and is created with that intent imo.

I believe he is sending a message even if it is mildly encrypted.


This situation reminds me of how Vernon Adams Jr felt last winter when the Als signed Harris as a "backup." VAJ was quite ticked off according to his twitter post at the time.

Except Vernon openly showed his displeasure with the team when he was still the starter.

Dane just posted a picture of a truck.

Didn’t Dane do something similar to this last off season? I seem to recall him posting a bit of a teaser with a Hamilton location a few days before news of him signing was announced.

This has that same vibe to me.


It seems Dane isn't going anywhere right now but back to Texas with his family!
He is our QB under contract (until he isn't anymore),
Unless the TiCats have already signed Bo which I seriously doubt has happened(yet)


I’m in Texas, I’ll let y’all know if I see Dane. If I do I’ll be sure to ask him what’s going on. I’m no where near Sanger, Texas though so odds are pretty low.

I am just 20 minutes up the way from Katy, Texas. If I see Seth or Bo I will definitely check in and share an update.

PS - don’t hold your breathe waiting for an update…


At least he was giving the peace sign & not the finger.


He posted him leaving Hamilton in the offseason. Then he posted him arriving back in the hammer prior to his signing, which he said at the time was completely coincidence and was not here to sign a contract.


It seems a bit odd this time around though.

Dane stated he was done with social media, with good reason.

Now, he posts pictures leaving the city with enough "personal baggage" to be either temporary or permanent.

To me it seems like he is ending a subtle message - broadcast widely.


If Dane wanted a private account he wouldn't let jokers like me follow him.

Not sure how much you can read into that post, but it looked like big move (as in no storage locker in the Hammer for the off-season).


I bet it's full of footballs and he'll lose them while going through Toronto.

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