Bo Levi coming to the Hammer?

Given Kelly's history with his teams dating back to high school, i dont think he will be in the CFL long. He is not a team player.

No wonder he fit into the Argghhblows locker room so well! :rofl:

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Maybe MBT's mentorship this season taught him to direct his energies more effectively. For example, if you feel violent urges during a game, be sure that you only attack the broadcast crew and your own coaches.


I hope that's not the case. He's been terrible.

Farhan thinks we have a good chance


As much as Bo may want to be in Toronto, he’s going to have Kelly always looking
over his shoulder there, same with Maier earlier in the year in Calgary.

If Hamilton offers big enough bucks before Christmas, I think Bo signs here. If it’s 400k or less, he’ll probably wait to see other offers and I could see Ticats dealing him for a pick or two.

I’m not ruling out Chad Kelly getting another NFL look this winter. As I understand it, it was never a question of talent, but rather immaturity and off field antics. This season in Toronto is a great advertisement for him having grown tremendously in these areas.

yup, but 1 more year in the CFL would really prepare him to hold a clip board properly in the NFL.

Dude only threw 45 passes this season.

Regardless of where BLM signs, there should be a good back up QB; at this time it is uncertain if BLM could return to his peak performance.
Hopefully he can resurrect his career in the East like another ex-stamp, Smiling Hank.

I have no clue how to link it here, but Dane Evans just posted a video clip of two SUVs and two UHauls all packed up in Hamilton.

Maybe he’s just going home for the off-season but you’d think that would have happened a month ago if it was the plan. My guess is something more than we know has happened and his time in Hamilton has reached a certain conclusion. Even more certain than just trading for Bo’s rights.

I know nothing, just guessing…


They were small u hauls so likely just going home for the off-season

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Did Evans live in Hamilton during the off-season last year?

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Yes he did and he would have baby stuff he would need to bring back to Oklahoma now so one uhaul is likely mostly baby stuff for his daughter

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The most interesting part isn’t necessarily the contents of the trailers.

Here's more on this Evans leaving town story courtesy of 3DN...

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I believe he is just going christmas shopping.

This is a bit much.

Next time I go to the dump ill post a picture of my truck.and. I thought his dad over used social media. The apple.......


Masoli is as mediocre as he ever was. He is more capable of drop offs than he is in improving. He wouldn't have made much difference with this team.

Adios Muchachos!