Bo Levi coming to the Hammer?

If you are equating Evans to Vernon Adams then we should get a first round pick in return for Evans in a trade . BC was desperate after Rourke's injury . Is any other team like Edmonton or Sask . desperate ?


Reporters always like to think they are “ in the know”. Could be someone in the Argos yanking Ziccarelli’s chain, trying to drive Bo’s contract price up for the Ticats. Or it could be a legitimate thing - would make more sense for Bo to head to Toronto, where they will no doubt surround him with even more ex-Stamp free agents.

Personally I think if Bo doesn’t sign with the Cats by Dec. 31st, we won’t be seeing him in Hamilton. Honestly think we’d be better off with Dane and surrounding him with some more weapons on offence and a viable running game as others have said and give him 2023 to see if he can turn things around. But I could see a million different qb scenarios in Hamilton at this point, hard to rule out anything, even Fajardo and Arbuckle.


Fajardo and/or Arbuckle ?!?....... I just threw up a little in my mouth :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:


I can’t see us trading or releasing Dane Evans.

As a lot of other fans have suggested on this forum, Evans made some mistakes this year, but was also a victim of injuries (probably a lot of which were serious, but not disclosed), a makeshift/patchwork offensive line that only started to gel in the last third of the season, and game planning/play calling that was questionable (lack of a commitment to run the ball consistently).

I think Bo ends up in Toronto or Saskatchewan after we trade his neg rights for a high draft pick, or neg list player.

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There is only one team stupid enough to trade for his neg rights.....and THAT has already happened.


Hey it's only a couple of draft picks
With our recent record of drafting
We probably would have drafted a blind receiver
A one legged kicker


I'll second that motion.


or a blind one armed receiver :scream_cat:

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Argos benefit from a little-known exemption to the free agency rules. It goes something like this:

"If your general manager is a national treasure with a million-watt smile, he can negotiate with any player at any time, regardless of contract status."


Interesting. That 93.5 is better than Bo Levi Mitchells last 3 seasons.... 87.2, 83, 87.2.

And I don't even like efficiency as a measurement.

So by this definition Bo has had 3 below average seasons in a row.


Argos can just use that money to sign their own free agents and tamper with Bo in the meantime. There's no difference.


YUP, and it got Bo a backup role last season.

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Great. We just gave away assets to hopefully sign our 3rd backup


If BO signs with the Argos, you can right off the next two GC's. Because a good QB
is all they need to complete their team.

In the Grey Cup , the Argos had 2 good QBs . So there's that .


Even if they don't land him, I still like this play by the Cats. No one can say they are sitting on their hands making a play for Bo - and does anyone really think the team gave up too much given the crap-shoot that is the CFL draft? Here's hoping this is a sign the Cats will be aggressive this off-season in building a champion and we'll all be lining up for the parade this time next year. Go Cats!


While I agree that the Tiger-Cats' pursuit of BLM can be viewed as a positive development, in terms of being assertive, I still question if BLM still has what it takes to lead a team to a Championship. I think I know how John Hufnagel would respond to that question, if he was inclined to give an honest answer.

The personnel people at 500 Sherman Ave. N. obviously see something that I do not. This guy is at least 3 calendar years (2 seasons) removed from his best football. And I see that people in this thread are pointing out that at the age of 33 (by the time the season begins) he is still young for a QB, but the proof is in the pudding . . . his play has been declining for several years now.

This move seems inconsistent for the 'Cats . . . IMO the exact same rationale that caused the Tiger-Cats to decide NOT to overpay for an aging veteran like Speedy B (and to a lesser extent JGD) should apply to BLM as well. Especially when the evidence of declining level of play seems so obvious.

It is entirely possible that the 'Cats see something that we the fans do not; for example, perhaps BLM was playing with an injury that was not publicized. But if that is not the case, this move appears to be an act of desperation.
Obviously, this opinion is not based upon any sort of "inside" information . . . just recent results on the field with his former team.

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The Cats either think he is back to the 2018 version of BLM based on the film they watched this year, or they always knew he will not sign and are planning to trade his rights to another, more desperate team before December 31st?? I'm assuming they think he can still play.

NO. They would not have won with just MBT. He is not that good. Kelly won it. But
BLM with Kelly is a combination that will win for years.

If Kelly proves to be the real deal there is no way the Argos can afford to keep both QB’s for years.

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