Bo Levi coming to the Hammer?

Cats are getting right to business. What do you do with Dane?


Great news! I didn’t think that they would trade to someone ( Saskatchewan) in their division. Glad it was us.
Now we just have to worry about what we gave them in return.

TiCats not sitting on their hands!


WOW...never liked the guy



Good. Don't fug around. Hosting the Grey Cup next year, go out and get the tools necessary to get you to the game and win it this time. This City and their fans deserve a championship after countless years of disappointment.

Same thing goes for the free agency period, lock your key pieces up and do what you need to do to address the other weaknesses. Leave no stone unturned, exhaust all options.

Dane, thanks for your efforts but it's better you move on. Good luck in your future endeavours.


I wasn’t expecting this news.


I do not think Bo is a full time starter at this point but he is a hell of a 1A/B combo with Dane.


As for Dane, being a quarterback let go by Hamilton pretty much insurers him of a GreyCup in the following year.


I was thinking the same thing. Both Dane and Bo have not been able to stay completely healthy in the last couple of years. I'm not sure if they could swing it financially but if the Cats can keep both on the roster it would be great.

Even an unhealthy Bo on the sidelines would be a great benefit to Dane as a sort of mentor. From what I've seen whenever they've interacted they seem to have a good cameraderie.


I find it hard to imagine a Dane-BLM tandem, for both financial reasons and the fact that both will want to be the starter.

Maybe a BLM/Shiltz tandem. (Meaning, Shiltz as the backup)


Good, keep the changes coming.


My thoughts - would like to see both Bo & Dane next year.
Nothing wrong with Dane - he just needs a good tutor, and Bo is it.
I would like to see Bo as #1, and Dane backing him up .
But it won't happen, because you just don't pay a backup QB $400k a year to sit on the bench.
Too bad, because if the Cats send Dane to another team, and he has a good coach behind him; he will kill us.


That's what I was thinking. If you have to trade away all your other skill players to be able to pay Bo what he thinks he's worth, what would be the point?


Just a wee note:

Bo still becomes a free agent come February. Until then the Ticats have the exclusive rights to negotiate a contract with him. But aside from that... congrats.


If Dane remains in Hamilton, he will have to take a "huge" salary reduction. Hamilton, as any other team, can't afford 2 QBs earning $400,000 or so each.


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Yes, and I guarantee you that Dane won't take a cut.
So sadly, bye bye Dane .

I hope congratulations are in order, not quite a done deal yet. Good pickup if Bo signs up. 1 piece of the Grey Cup puzzle, but a corner piece.

I think so too. Bo could be good for Dane and vice/versa

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I agree that a Dane and Bo combo is not likely.

I find this news both exciting and sad at the same time. I really like Dane and feel he is an outstanding human being. Somehow I wish he could stay even though it is now unlikely.


I honestly can't see us signing and keeping both of them . My guess (and it's only a guess) is that Evans winds up in Saskatchewan as the replacement for Fajardo . Now where Fajardo winds up is anybody's guess at this point .