Bo Levi accuses the Riders of cheating......

Seems like old Hank the Crank isn’t the only qb stirring the pot with some sort of controversy these days . It seems like Mitchell has gone too twitter to get under the Riders and their fans skins by tweeting out about how those Riders are just a bunch of cheaters and are playing fast and loose with their player roster in regards to the PR and some of their recent player transactions. Sounds to me like Mitchell is just trying to drum up some interest and business for the two teams rematch this week in Saskatchewan. :rockin:

Here’s the link,read all about them cheating Riders right here (the comments are also a fun read) :slight_smile:

[url=] ... -cheating/[/url]

Except the ones where people wish injury on him(on Twitter, I mean).

But of course, it’s always just a few bad apples… :roll:

Yup it sounds like Bo Levi knows that it doesn't take much to rile up the frustrated fans of Rider Nation unfortunately there are always a few who want to take it to the next level. Personally I don't think that Mitchell has any worries about getting injured against this toothless moribund crew that pass as the Rider "D" this season. Let's face it , that is a pretty sad sack bunch of defenders that Jones and crew has cobbled together this year. I mean in order to actually hurt Mitchell in this game they would first have to catch him and then actually try to tackle him.

He's right anyway. Can't keep a secret in a nine team league even more so now with a
A quarter of the league moving around every year.

On the one hand, would be nice to see some evidence.

On the other hand, surely Chris Jones would never cheat.

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I'm sure Rider fans will make themselves feel better by voting for Darian Durant drinking gatorade as the play of the year. :cowboy:

I went to Renegades practice one year (contrary to appearances, they DID practice from time to time) and I remember seeing this really short dude wearing 99. Didn't find him on the roster, shrugged it off. A few days later, defensive tackle Jerome Haywood was officially on the team.

So BLM's revelations is not particularly shocking if a sad sack outfit like the Renegades did it. Perhaps the league has tried to tighten things up a bit since though, I don't know. I've heard of new RedBlacks players having just a few hours to catch a plane after signing so maybe it isn't a common thing anymore.

'Cause really, you could just refer to it as a tryout. Unless there are set rules about how a tryout is supposed to be run, who's to say you don't want the guy around for a longer look or to see how he blends in with the boys?

Bottom line, I'm not surprised if Saskatchewan does it.

Depends on if they're paid anything or not. If they're being paid under the table, that's a violation of SMS.

True, although Mitchell doesn’t go quite that far in his “accusation”, so…

Isn't this type of stuff common place? Kent Austin has been the master of manipulating the rules to keep guys around and bring new guys in, not sure if he has ever had someone practice who was not officially on the team though. The rules regarding rosters and transactions seem very relaxed in my opinion, just seems like Bo Levi wants to be the one to point it out.

CFL is becoming quite the controversial league this year, I am not complaining it is fun to have weird crap like this to talk about it.

CFL News ?@CFL_News
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"People don't like me talking about their team. When U talk about their team they get a little hostile." Bo Levi Mitchell.

CFL News ?@CFL_News
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#CFL response to @BoLeviMitchell accusations of #Riders roster cheating: "We're aware of it and we're looking into it."

Aware of the accusation, or aware of the cheating? :twisted:

[url=] ... 5-players/[/url]

Wow. Just wow.

Bo Levi seems to know alot about the Riders considering he sits in Calgary.

Anyways every team cheats, not a good thing at all, just look at the way the injury list is used. A seemingly healthy player gets put on the injured list just after their team signs someone new. This seems to be occuring more and more right across the league.

If the league wants to shut this practice down, they almost need a league physician that does surprise checks, and actually check the players to see if their "injury" actually exists.

There you go.

[b]Scott Mitchell ?@ScottMitchellPM[/b] 21 minutes ago Per sources, #Riders essentially have an extra roster of guys in the city, some being paid. They’ve called it the "pre-practice squad."

If I get to an Ottawa practice some time, I’ll see if I can count 80 players participating either officially or unofficially.

Everybody speeds, but some still get ticketed for speeding to greater extremes than others.

Per sources, hmmm, it seems in a province that lives and breaths the team, I think it would be hard to “hide” an extra roster of players in Regina. Its not the most “ethnically and culturally” diverse city.
Aren’t all Rider practices open not only to the media but to the public. There is just not that many places in the city to be doing sneaky separate practices with the pre-practice squad. Who would be paying for this? Its a public owned team, all financials would have to be made public.

So does Bo Mitchel get fined if nothing is found or nothing has happend?

Well it seems like this story might just have some legs to it. Darrell Davis who has covered and reported on the Riders for over 20+ years has done a follow up article on Bo Levi's accusations and in it he states that sources have told him that the Riders have around 95 players in their stable at the moment which is more than 2 full game day rosters at their disposal.

here is the link to this follow up story :

[url=] ... 5-players/[/url]

Having 18 bodies on the 6 game so they can house and still have them attend meetings etc. BLM has a definite point.

Bo Levi probably speaking from experience, as he knows how its done in Calgary.

:roll: with John Murphy coming from Calgary Bo Levi figures he will do it here as well :roll: