Bo is done in Calgary

Is tbe Bo Levi era over in Calgary?
Is the Cody Fajardo era over in Saskatchewan too?

not yet


I think the year off, has hampered some players careers, not to mention the nfl is looking for more mobile quarterbacks, which doesn’t bode well for the cfl. The latest crop of q.b.’s in the cfl shows that. Maybe the cfl should look in it’s own back yard to see if there are any more Canadian quarterbacks worth exploring. It’s not like the current batch of American ones are lighting it up. They take many years to develope here to. So what’s the difference in letting a Canadian q.b. Do the same. And being that they already know the game, some could make faster advances to starting ? Maybe maybe not. Seems like it’s worth a look.


With 90% of the coaches being American.. I doubt it

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Calgary traditionally doesn't hang on to players past their expiry date. They usually let Toronto take those guys. But at 32 he really looks like he might be done.

He'll be in Toronto next year.


Also throw in that there are 30 or so U Sports football teams and around 900 College football teams in the USA - From Junior colleges, NAIA Division III , II 1AA and the big boys. Take out the 130 Division I teams and you still have over 750 USA College based teams that have the same or better talent than most U Sports teams - It is a numbers game -


Bo would be great in the broadcast booth when the time comes.


Good riddance to that self important jerk (Bo). If he goes into broadcasting, I'll watch even fewer games than I do now.


Just to give a better picture of the football programs for high school grads:

27 USports




4 AFL-Atlantic

23 "senior" leagues (MFL, NFC, AFL-Alberta)

Total = 103

Still, the vast majority of Nationals in the CFL are drafted from NCAA or USports programs, though many developed initially in these other leagues. And some come directly from junior, most notably Andrew Harris.

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I always thought he was an arrogant jerk too - but I think he's a different guy off the field. He did some work behind the mic at the Grey Cup and thought he was actually pretty charming.

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We’ll if you can get 3 or 4 out of every bunch at the end of every season. You could find a sleeper in there, sometimes the guys who’s not drafted is the guy. !

Bo definitely comes across as arrogant which is really odd as I’ve never seen a professional QB ever exhibit that sort of human trait…


Do not like Bo either, but I recognise my dislike coming from him NOT BEING THE QB ON MY TEAM more than anything else. Bo knows foot ball and that is what is required in the booth for color commentary and how the game is explained to fans. I see Bo as one of the best if the best the CFL has seen. Interesting most if not all the negative comments are coming from fans who hate the Stamps outright or just a few assorted wingnuts that just enjoy being asshats above all else


I see what you did there :smiley:

I think every sports star has arrogance... Some just know how and when to hide it very well as when the camera is on.... And some do not and relish in that arrogance

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This is where the mods start going at it... :upside_down_face:

Probably every human has arrogance, but let’s not confuse arrogance with confidence…I think there are many pro athletes that are confident but aren’t arrogant…anyways, I was being sly up there, so back to Bo…

Definitely you start him in Bomberland and Definietly his leash is a helluva lot shorter than the TO game….whatever issue he had last week in throwing like I would better be sorted out or else…same with the receivers, that whole offence better heal now, as a team, or they will die as individuals…

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Most anyone who's made the pros has at some point been the best on their team, possibly their whole league. Makes arrogance petty darn easy if you're inclined that way.

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I believe they are.

Bo really only played average against Winnipeg this year.... perhaps a change is a good idea

1st game.12 / 28 187 yd 1 TD 1 int.
2nd game. 21 / 32 219 yd 0 TD 0 int.

1st game. 27 / 38 315 yd 2 TD 0 int.
2nd game. 22 / 30 270 yd 4 TD 0 int.