Bo is back!

I'm happy to hear this, what does everyone else think?

Could cause issues though ... Lewis, Cope, Thurmon, Rambo and now Boerigter crowding the receiving corps ...

Also, there's the "risk" of Boerigter being in the twilight of his career, plus he suffered a bad ACL injury (there don't seem to be good ones) a couple years back.

Still, I was sad to see this guy leave, and so I'm glad he's back.

It's also nice to hear him say that he'd rather play up here, even though it pays less ...

CALGARY (CP) - The Calgary Stampeders have signed receiver Marc Boerigter to a multi-year contract, bringing back a star from their last Grey Cup.


The 28-year-old from Hasting, Neb., began his pro career with the Stamps in 2000 and left after two seasons with the CFL club to pursue an NFL career Boerigter and quarterback Marcus Crandell connected for a spectacular 68-yard touchdown late in the first half of the 2001 Grey Cup en route to Calgary's 27-19 victory.

Boerigter was signed and released by both the Green Bay Packers and Indianapolis Colts this year after spending four seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs.

"The door would have been open for me to go to an NFL camp this coming season, but I didn't really want to do it," Boerigter said Monday at a news conference at McMahon Stadium.

"I didn't want to be that guy hanging on the next couple of years just to chase some money around even though the money (in the NFL) is better."

"I wanted to get back to playing football and being in a situation where I was wanted and could contribute and play at high level."

Boerigter had his best NFL season in 2002, when he played in all 16 games for the Kansas City Chiefs and recorded 20 receptions for 420 yards and eight touchdowns.

The six-foot-three, 220-pound receiver caught 11 passes for 158 yards the following season and then missed all of 2004 with a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

He had eight receptions for 119 yards in 10 games for the Chiefs in 2005.

While the Stampeders lost in the West Division final at home for a second straight year, the team had the second-best offence in the league behind division rival and Grey Cup champion B.C. Lions.

Calgary general manager Jim Barker does not want to play second fiddle to the Lions in that department in 2007.

"Congratulations to the B.C. Lions, but out quest now is to become better than them and this is the first step," Barker said.

"This was an important step for us to get our off-season started."

Boerigter is aware of the unfulfilled expectations in Calgary's last two post-seasons.

"We as an organization need to take a step forward to competing with the B.C.'s of the world and taking another step to winning the Western Division and winning some playoff games," he said.

"Ultimately that's why I'm here and I feel I can bring a lot to the table."

Boerigter may be a big-name signing, but the club already has top talent at receiver with Jeremaine Copeland, Nik Lewis and Ken-yon Rambo, along with league-leading rusher Joffrey Reynolds.

Head coach Tom Higgins will be challenged to keep everyone's ego is satisfied.

"Very carefully," Higgins said when asked how to distribute the ball in a star-laden offence. "It's a great challenge to have and you let everything unfold as it has to.

"Right now, Marc is just another weapon we were able to add to our arsenal."

Copeland says he doesn't feel threatened by Boerigter's arrival.

"The ball will be spread around a bunch and another receiver is not problem with us," Copeland said. "It's just a matter of getting a playmaker out there who can make plays whenever the chance is there.

"It's not a bad thing to have a bunch of weapons out there. You never know when the offensive threat is coming from."

Look for the Stamps to get rid of the issues. I doubt very much we will see Copeland and Lewis both back next year. I would be very surprised to see Copeland in a Calgary uniform next year.

The big question mark is who we will see at QB for the Stamps. Henry is a great athelete but suffers from Dieter Brock/Khari Jones syndrome, can't win the big one.

Should be an interesting off season.

Bo knows the CFL. It was Bo who single handedly got the big score that won us the cup in 2001. Aldi Henry secured the defensive score with his block on the punt...I was sitting in that endzone, but I digress. Crandell couldn't read a Dr. Seuss book much less a defense, and Burris is not much better.

Calgary's receiver problems come from 3 trash talking idiots with no work ethic. Rambo is a 50% catch at best, Copeland is all talk and no action. At least Nik Lewis is good for a few extra yards after the catch. He might be worth salvaging.
Why wasn't Brett Ralph in the line up more often, this Canadian kid shows up to work hard every opportunity he gets and I don't think he dropped a ball all year.
Bo is another hard working player, in the twilight or not, he is definitely the "type" of player I want on my team all the time. Getting Bo back is the first positive thing Barker has done since he came to this club. I suspect more of the Stamps issues come from higher sources than the players or coaching staff.

This is a good signing for Calgary. He is like Clermont.

I would still say, in our losses, the problem is less to do with the receievers and more to do with INTs. I can't say I have any idea how many of those INTs would be because the receiver screwed up, but watching Hank try and force the ball as often as he does ... it's pretty frustrating.
Anyway, I'm also not expecting Cope to be back with the Stamps next year. I won't be overly surprised if he is, but I'm not expecting it. I think Lewis will be back, though ...

In the media today it was mentioned that Higgens told Copeland not to read anything into the signing. In otherwords do not hit the panic button. It seems the problem with the receiving core could be one E Thurmon. Since he came in our receivers have been over looked by our QB. Could it be that the others in the group felt a bit jilted. Remember the little tussle between Hank and Rambo early in the season this may have been worse then we all feared. Did Hank favor throwing to ET. I would bet if there is a receiver that goes it will be ET. Since coming in it seems the other receivers were underachieving. Also mentioned in that report that the Stamps are not done yet but have just begun. There are lots of rumors flying within the media. The report was on 2-7 sports early edition and the fan 960.

I got the impression, over the year, that Lewis and maybe Rambo were Burris' favourite receivers ... but Burris and Thurmon did play together in Sask, so maybe they just made use of the chemistry they already had.
Anyway, interesting take on Thurmon. Personally I thought he underachieved, mostly by dropping a few key passes. Cope didn't seem to get the ball too much. Lewis did alright, Rambo was OK. I think it's safe to say that the receivers as a group underachieved.
Will be interesting to see how this develops ... I also hope we hang onto Ralph, I like him.

For my part, I'm just glad to see Bo back... he was one of my favorite receivers for a while and I was disappointed for him that he wasn't able to perform better in the NFL (especially with my favorite team, the Chiefs). If I was to get a new Stamps jersey now, it would definetely be his name on the back. I would take him over any receiver currently on the team... however I as well don't see the receiving core being the main problem for the Stamps this year.

Bo's been terrific....Here's hoping he's still as fun to watch!

I think you hit the nail on the head, redwhite2005.

Put yourself in this situation, what if you were Burris
and Thurmon was a close friend. You recommend to Barker
that we should sign him.......think you might be a little bias to force the ball to him, especially in the red zone???

Thats what i saw happening this year, which makes me
think the above scenario probably happened.

No offense to ET, but he was in a no win situation
and needs to go.

Exactly he forced the bal to him to dam often. The problem also was that the other receivers saw this as well and hurt the cohesive receiving core. The fight with Rambo on the side lines was the start in my opinion. Burris went after Rambo and it seemed down hill there after. Remove Thurmon and you remove the problem. Many fans not just Stamp fans stated this little fight would hurt the team and it did. Thurmon may be a good player but he can take it to another team as far as I am concerned. In all seriousness Copeland or Thurmon? Copeland is way bet hands receiver then Thurmon. Thurmon drops half his passes.

Couldnt agree with you more! Guys like
Nik, Cope, and now Boe need the ball thrown
there way more then last year.

Do you see BC only going to Simon 2, 3 times a game......not likely. Lets give these guys
a chance to earn their money.

Copes gone cold because he doesnt get a chance
to strut his stuff, and if im him im po'd about it.......its ridiculous.

Well that is the problem with the addition of Thurmo. It seems Burris figures he should be his number 1 target and many defenses found that out quickly and it just caused more problems with the a good group of receivers. It is not so much Thrumon's doing but a QB that likes to force the ball to a good friend. Sorry Hank but that is a fact and every DB knows this. The team played better with Thurmon out of the line up.

Being from the north, I'd like to see Boe's class act rub off a bit on Cope and Lewis. They're both talented, but get a little big for their britches in all the time.

you bring up some good points, RW2005. It must be pretty easy to defend when you can be fairly certain the QB is going to try and force the ball in, and 90% of the time that will be to Thurmon. I'd like to see someone keep track of who passes were intended for.

You do not have to be Nostrodamus to know Burris was going to throw that direction every second or third time. Thurmon is what ails the receiving core.