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Another FN fine. :thdn:

Give it a rest Orridge.

This little dictator is out of control. :roll:

Durant apparently fined for a week 7 uniform violation.

Makes sense…dude messed up their investigation into the Riders and potentially others…not the first time a player has been fined for going public on CFL matters…won’t be the last.

I'm not sure he messed up the investigation, they were visited by the CFL long before he made his comments. However it's not something you want players of rival teams saying about other teams.

The hidden player situation in Regina was serious.

I have no problem with that.

The other stuff is minor.

Best to give them a 1 time warning, then place the fines.

The question is had Bo not gone public would the league even release anything as you know this not a great image for the league. The fact Bo is paying the fine and says he deserved it tells you that he would do it again if need be.

Sad Day when you speak truth and get fine for bring to public attention..

No freedom of speech in the new CFL.

Hey, at least they didn't Snowden him.

Whistleblowing is not an act that tends to get rewarded.

I don't have a big problem with what Mitchell did but personally I think the league did the right thing in fining him. The league was already investigating the Riders. Players should be dissuaded from taking it upon themselves to publically policing other teams organizations. This is a collective dependent upon group success. The caveat here is that the league is responsive to transgressions which this administration finally seems intent on doing. I think this commish is doing a good job.

There is no other league that would allow players to do what Mitchell did I don't think.

Again I would support Mitchell more if his concerns were being ignored after privately airing his concerns to his team.