Bo "Diddley Squat" Smith coverage

Wow is this guys weakness being exposed, or what! He does not turn and play the ball. When they needed the td late, the Als worked against Bo. If Bo turns around, it's an easy interception. Having said that, it wasn't just Bo who had trouble out there today, our db's looked very vulnerable to say the least. :cowboy:

Totally agree! :rockin:

Chris Thompson wasn't much better. He looked extremely vulnerable today...

the whole defensive secondary is brutal


Was it Bradley who made probably the/his 15th missed tackle on the exact same play where he's got a great shot lined up on a defensless receiver makes a hit but doesn't wrap up and the reciever keeps running?

learn from your past for F$@# sake and wrapup.

I agree with the hole secondary needs some help ....They got speed but no smart's and forgot how to tackle ..

Did Bo Smith allow 5 touchdowns? No. The questionable interception/reception in the end zone was a great play but the receiver got the call. You guys talk like he should be running down the field looking at the quarterback. You've obviously never played defensive back in your life. Bo is solid, but yes he will give up some plays sometime when he is repeatedly put on the best receivers in the league. I guess he's the new fall guy.

Totally agree with "not a bengal"...

We are going to have someone in the backfield that the opposition sees as "weak", and, aside from Saskatchewan, Mtl has a whacking lot of guys to fill in the receiver positions, you have to give our guys a bit of "forgiveness" when a mistake gets made, and it comes down to just one guy.

Note, too, that Barker was in, and Beveridge was out, and this may have changed things in the backfield.

We scared the crap out of them, and Montreal will never take us so lightly again

Lets forgive Bo that issue and move on.

Hey not a bengal...Bo is going to get worked over in our next three games. If you can't see when a player doesn't have the ability to cover one on one, you don't know Bo. He's been getting beat all year on one on one coverage, not just the last two games. This guy has to read the receiver's eyes to know when to turn for the ball. He doesn't seem to be able to do that....and yes, I have played football. :cowboy:

Like I said last week, I've never seen a DB who can stick with a receiver and almost never prevent him from catching the ball.

Frustrating as heck to watch!

I see the same thing Capt.

In watching the pregame warmup today I have come to the conclusion that even in warmup Bo Smith gets beat.

if you think bo has any skill your crazy. he gets beat for big plays every game. the only good player we have back there is bradley. oh and did anyone what the stamps game the other night, anderson had a great game and has looked pretty solid all year... I know he will take some stupid penalties but he can cover and has a ton of skill.

Finally someone noticed that. It's been driving me bonkers all year. Bradley is a "big hit" guy. He makes great plays, but more often than not he misses the simple tackles because he fails to wrap up the receiver and tries for the "big hit" on every friggin play. It's very frustrating.

I also agree with not_a_bengal. Bo had some very good coverage. He had a horrible game against WPG and I think that's why he's getting picked on around here. On that TD play, he couldn't have had better coverage and he fought for that ball.

your actually kinda funny this morning...
more often than not he brings his guy down, more often than not he is trying to bring down a guy that has already ran right by one of our other defenders, more often than not the defense doesn't throw his way because he is our best corner.

and bo isnt getting picked on around here because he had one bad game, or two bad games, he has been bad all year. he plays way too far off his man, and doesn't know how too defend. qb's pick him apart every game, you can go deep on the guy even tho he plays so far off his man and that means he is always leaving his guy open on short little routs as well.

We know you like Bradley, you'd made that MORE than clear around here. As an objective fan (with no preference as to who plays where), I have to call them as I see them. I don't fault him for trying to make things happen, I think he's a talented player and has a real nose for the ball, but I can honestly say now that I see why 3 different coaching staffs didn't start him. He has trouble making a simple tackle. Once he learns that there isn't a big hit to be made on every play and sometimes you just have to make the tackle, he will be absolutely amazing out there.

Sorry, but Bo hasn't been the only one playing too far off his man this year. Bo has had some good coverage and he's had some bad coverage just like pretty much everyone else in the secondary this year.

I do like Bradley, I dont have any connection to him i just think he is a talented player. And believe me i dont think bo is the only one in our secondary that should be replaced, I just think he happens to get beat the most.

Montreal's secondary was torched for over 500 yards but that doesn't mean "the whole defensive secondary is brutal" or "the only good player we have back there is Bradley". The Als have the best offence in the league with 3 big play receivers and a quarterback who is accurate. Completions happen and Dbacks get beaten. The TiCat secondary is only as good as the pass rush and of course the Als are no different. Glenn was given protection and the receptions followed(with a few drops). Some of this knee-jerk criticism of the secondary is predictible after a loss but that doesn't make it right.
Our Dbacks have improved over last year and part of the reason is continuity. You can't keep changing personnel and expect instant success. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Exactly ... and what pass rush was that. The one that allowed a back up QB to look like a seasoned veteran. Calvillo does get rid of the ball quick most times, when he choose not to... he had 1 steamboat, 2 steamboats and another and another and another...