bmo field

After Rogersannouncement to no longer have football at the dome CFL did that with Braley moving theArgos there.

They were told by the city exactly that they have to deliver a CFL field and the result was them buying the problem ( Argos) once LT was done with his try for the Bills .

I figure Bell didn’t go alone to buy the Argosas they needed LT’s voting shares to get the necessary money to accommodate the Argos at BMO . They knocked down the one end zone infrastructure and had the other end pulling in and out for games but it still wasn’t long enough .

They also put in a locker room for the Argos .

Here is the end zone they demoed for the Argos . TFC fans were pissed but if they wanted to expand the stadium and put a roof on it they had to play nice with the CFL .

I think all the bad blood may have backfired and caused the CFL to lose even more support in Toronto . But that’s just conjecture .

‘MLSE should be told …’!!! Nice one. That would very quickly lead to the Argos playing somewhere else in the GTA with new owners.

markham, owned by cfl fans

I personally think, given a quality stadium in a great location, the Argos would be a massive success in Markham.

much too far north

i like the skydome location
shame on shapiro for throwing argos out
a condition of buying skydome at such a cheap price paid fot by taxpayers should have been to allow the argos to stay there

2012 grey cup sold out skydome and it was glorious to see 50k people

Grey Cup is one event, with fans attending from across Canada.

Barrie is too far North. Markham is accessible to the entire GTA. It’s also only roughly 8km farther from the airport than downtown Toronto is, yet takes only about 5 more minutes to get there.

The best reason, but far from the only one.


I think all the bad blood may have backfired and caused the CFL to lose even more support in Toronto . But that's just conjecture .
Yes Hank, I had no idea how many Limeys live in Toronto and how much influence these people can have to create bad blood as you say or what have you. Talking about the Limeys that have soccer in their blood and work in well paid and influential positions in Toronto/GTA. My mother's heritage is from Leistershire, where her family is from, so I guess in this case using the term 'Limey' is ok. :-*

Or should I be using the description ‘Anglo-Saxon’? :-*

Why didn’t they call TFC the Toronto Limeys? Ok, I digress. 8)

I think the bigger problem is that the majority of people in Toronto are indifferent to the Argos. They just don’t care either way if the Argos are here or not.

When I was at Jurassic Park for Game 1 a week ago and Popp came out on stage with some of the players the reaction by the majority was silence. People don’t know the Argos players and just don’t care. Indifference is almost worse than bad blood, It’s a hard attitude to change.

argos need to be a consistent dynasty - not win GC each yr but there is no excuse of missing playoffs in east - argos cannot win gc 1 yr then go 4-14 the next
paying $600k to trestman to NOT coach also makes the argos look bad [especially when they let van zeyl go partially to avoid paying his $40k bonus]

argos need to act professional if they expect to be taken professionally

True won’t argue with that but something happened with the move that pushed it further down whether it was freebies or something tangible as well because it involved a sale .

The dome still brought in 20 ,000 to 17,000 .

It dropped to 12,000 to 14,000 first season for many games . They lost about 3,000 to 5,000 when they thought they would add 4,000 to 5,000 in the change in venue .

The crowds I think shocked them a bit how far down they fell when the venue is pretty nice for football and I know myself I liked BMO better for atmosphere .

The question with attendance is always what did they pay?

Als at Olympic Stadium had good numbers but if I recall it was heavily “papered” with freebies … Skydome likely the same as teams hate to see empty seats in a cavernous stadium.

That is a big part of it. Lots more comps when they were at Rogers Centre.

When they moved to BMO, they also changed the way they announced attendance. it went to scanned as opposed to sold and distributed as most teams in the other sports do. Hence it looks like decrease after the move, though in stadium attendance increased.

Yes, I agree entirely with you two fellows. While 25 yards is my actual preference, there’s simply no excuse for any team to be playing out of a stadium where 20 yard end zones cannot be accommodated.


Markham is not by any stretch of the imagination “accessible” to the entire GTA. To get to Markham one basically has to drive. Mass transit alternatives to Markham are very limited.

Downtown Toronto on the other hand is well served by mass transit and the Argonauts should continue to play somewhere downtown - though in a stadium that can properly accommodate a field of proper CFL size.

That is indeed a very real problem in Toronto. Most of the people in Toronto are American wannabees. They crave American recognition/acceptance. To get the seal of approval of Americans though, Toronto has to be involved in something to which Americans pay attention, i.e. a league of, for and by Americans. The CFL just won’t do that job because quite simply it’s Canadian.

The problem is that I don’t have a solution, other than doing something to market the game and at least making sure the Argos play in an accessible location.


The Argos didn’t want to leave the dome… they were kicked out by the Blue Jays.

Being downtown has its advantages… One of the reasons why I think the Halifax stadium site is a bad choice.