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until 2001 varsity stadium held over 21k fans
bmo field end zones are only 17 yds
an 1 en zone is a completey different surface from the rest of the field
i’ve seen players slip and fall

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Offhand, I have heard BC Place does not have 20 yard end zones either.

from wikipedia
"The first field to feature the shorter 20-yard endzones was Vancouver’s BC Place… "

am i being hyperbolic ?

shorter endzones bother me. Also when the corners are cut off. so there :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

cutoff end zones is a really good reason for cfl fields to have 15yd end zones

no, just build the stadiums right in the first place.

The story of the Argos between 2003 and 2016 is one that will need to be written some day .

The reason they are 17 yards today is MLSE the saviour of the Argos today decided not to obey the stipulations of the city that BMO had to be able to be converted to an official sized CFL field . They and the mayor at the time wanted it soccer specific while the department responsible for Exhibition was CFL friendly and wanted to make sure the city stadium would be able to be used for Canadian football . So the clause went into the agreement .

My opinion the original contract with MLSE and BMO saved the Argos . If MLSE wanted to expand the stadium and put a roof over the stadium they better look after the Argos .

Braley ( senator ) probably knows what went on with his conversations with LT and Bell . Most likely scenario was Braley once knowing the clause said he’s moving the Argos to BMO and then a conversation ensued when and only when the Bills were no longer in play by Rogers and LT .

The brave journalist to do a proper journalistic investigation is a job killer if u wish to be part of the invited and welcome to Canadian institutions in the future .

Just the news articles written alone if compiled with actual statements is astounding .

How does the president of MLSE Lieweke during a interview say the Argos have friends in high places is not even reexamined or investigated is beyond proper sports and or political journalistic instinct .

One of those moments when MLSE must have gasped when those words came out of his mouth and happy when our journalists had no interest in deciphering that plea that Lieweke was apologizing to TFC fans that they (LT and Bell not MLSE bought the Argos ) under pressure .

Just a bizarre sound bite for anyone who had interest in the Argos at the time .

agreed - i dont understand how one can build a stadium and yet cutoff the corners of endzones

Of course if the wanted to they could make the mind-blowing decision to go with a 15 yard end zone but they may have to get the top theoretical mathematicians in the world together under one roof in a think-tank to see if this mind-blowing idea is logistically feasible. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who cares? The CFL already has more standardized fields than most sports. Rugby and soccer have ranges of allowed dimensions, baseball isn’t even a standard shape. Nothing wrong with different fields having their own quirks.

Agreed. Some teams play in multipurpose stadiums that have a running track around the field and have to cut the corners of the EZ off, not a big deal. Seems kind of silly to call for changing all EZs to 15 yds. because of that. No need for smaller EZs. That would just lead to more calls for getting rid of the rouge. ::slight_smile:

was it ‘silly’ to change endzones from 25 to 20 yd ?

or making the ball smaller so it much more closely resembles the nfl ball to accomodate usa qb’s ?

Well that is a good point jonny. But I would still like to see 15 yard end zones if for no other reason that people can’t say Toronto is a different size endzone and it just seems incorrect or what have you perception.

A conversion to a 100 yd long playing field should correct the problem of varying end zones in CFL stadiums.

Oops, sorry, another step towards Americanizing our game.

Lots of stadiums made adjustments to the endzones. Edmonton had rounded endzones for the track around the field. Hamilton had endzones cornered off. Montreal still does.

I wouldn’t mind seeing 17 yard endzones standardized.

When BC place was built, that’s when the CFL changed from 25 to 20 yard endzones.

The 15 yard end zones would give a better buffer for catches in the end zone with the a few current stadiums especially BMO with walls near the end .

Will help with the dimensions to create a safer field of play at BMO .

10 yard end zones in the NFL are way too small for me personally but I could live with 15 .

Is there any update on plans to improve the endzone with slippy turf?

I like the twenty five yard end zone, Coca-Cola served in boxes rather than cups, and the single bar face mask, the one that hangs down around the neck for some reason.

I like the reduced field size but not NFL.

15 yard end zones, with no 55 and 60 yards wide. this size can almost fit in any stadium

No reason to change the field size, it’s fine as it is now. Any future stadiums must be mandated to be able to fit a full sized field, problem solved. MLSE should be told by the league to find a solution for BMO (ie - fix the size of the stadium) to accommodate a CFL size field. BTW, I would like to see EZs go back to 25 yds, but that’s not going to happen.