A bit off topic but I noticed the new UFL league is going to be playing atleast one game at the Home Depot Center in Los Angeles which is where 2 MLS teams play (and I believe the US National Soccer team is based as well if I'm not mistaken). I wonder if they have a huge problem with a football team playing games in their stadium like the Toronto FC fans have about the Argos possibly playing at BMO. I personally hope the Argos do move to BMO. I realize the stadium needs to be renovated a bit which apparently is going to cost millions but I hope it happens. I also don't believe the Argos should be on the hook to cover all of those costs as it should have been built to handle Canadian football in the beginning. Tax payers helped pay for this and it should be as multi purpose as possible. Think about how much the Argos have contributed to the local economy over the past 100 plus years. Toronto FC fans (which I am fan) need to suck it up and learn to share like good boys and girls.

You're probably right. Regrettably, FC built their sandbox too small for the Argos to play in. So now they can just go "Aw shucks. Sorry."

Pete, I think it's just the TFC fans that are so fragile and afraid of gridiron football and the CFL and too wimpy that those lines on the field really mess up their fragile psyches. I'm sure no other MLS team has these psychiatric problems which are endemic to Toronto and the TFC gathering. Probably goes back to their upbringing in some respect and then being a fan of a Toronto team, well, heavy duty counselling required no question. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be great for the Argos to play at a football specific stadium, BMO or otherwise. One day like old days at the Ex, man, loved watching football from that stadium before they baseballized it.

We know as a fact that was on purpose by MLSE and with the blessing of the City of Toronto who "owns" the place.

I think the Argos should play all their home games at BMO field and save the Skydome for when Toronto hosts the Grey Cup. If BMO were to expand to around 25,000 it would be a perfect sold out atmosphere every single game. Not to mention football is to be played outside.

And we just keep on with the same old stuff..... over and over again.....

You sound stressed. Take your mind off things and start your own expansion thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, alpha is ok, mind you he does get a touch of that TFC flu every once in a while. :wink:

LOL - CRFadmin - maybe I will.....

Or a CFL video game thread....

Earl - you are correct sir. Even more after the big win yesterday. So, what have I missed? Been out on business for a while.

Six expansion threads and four video game threads. :lol:

Yup, CRF pretty well sums it up with that statement alpha. :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn't matter how much it's been talked about. BMO would be a better home for the Argos and it would make me far more likley to buy a ticket in Toronto. A perfect example of this being done is Montreal. They were drawing almost nobody at the Big O and they moved to Molson Stadium and now they sell out every single game, and actually are adding 5,000 more seats for next season. Outside in a smaller stadium is a far more enjoyable atmosphere.

The sooner the Argos get out of the RC, the better off everyone will be but I can assure you MLSE and Tannenbaum will do everything they can to be sure the city of Toronto's stadium never includes the Argos.

BMO field is an awesome venue. Saw an FC game there last year and they angle of the seats is perfect.

The problem is that the stadium is 10-15 yards too short (lengthwise). Initial estimates said it would take about 17 million to retrofit the stadium.

The reason why the Argos didn't go in on it is because Ted Rogers said the Argos could play at the Rogers Centre for free. I assume that this deal is still in place.

The city of Toronto has dropped the ball on this one. Why would they build a soccer only stadium? They should have made it soccer/football and you could have hosted a Vanier Cup or high school games.

With real grass going in next year, it could have been an awesome Argos stadium.

I hate going to the Rogers Centre for football. I go to support the Cats though.

The lower bowl is the worst seating I have ever been in for a sporting event. I prefer sitting in the second deck (super expensive tix) or the 5th deck (which they closed off last year).

If the Argos moved to a new smaller venue, ticket prices would be through the roof. Look at Montreal. They move to a small stadium and their ticket prices got jacked. I got tickets for the Cats game in October and sitting 20 rows up on the 20 yard line is $72!

When it's the "thing" to do in a city, they can charge whatever they want.

I'll go to the RC for a Grey Cup but that's it. The GC is a huge event for me and that overrides how horrible the stadium atmosphere wise is for me, football, baseball and as you say Alan, the slope of the seats in the lower bowl is horrible. And the 2nd tier while nice, doesn't have the atmosphere, it's too cut-off from the rest of the venue. Upper bowl ok but it's closed off for Argo games. So I won't go there now as it is.

Part of the issue with Rogers Centre as well, is that they don't allow you to have fun at all.

They are the "Fun Police"

People got kicked out of the last game because they were to 'loud' it was soo silly