BMO Field renovation

Now that TFC is toast, they can start renovating for the Argos tomorrow. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Yep, it will be terrific with the Argos getting essentially a new stadium next year, fully-roofed with a natural grass playing field. That will be terrific, amazing, watching Canadian professional football on real grass! Toronto could once again become a jewel in the CFL crown, leading the way to a positive outlook for the entire league next season. :thup:

Feels great first the Crap Jays and now TFC.

I haven't really been keeping up on this drama, but it seems to me that there is only one reason to build a soccer stadium that can't hold a football field. Kinda funny that they finally folded.

What a waste of resources.

Didn't know they folded, I thought they were knocked out of the playoffs.
Jays knocked out last week, TFC this week, Argos in a couple of weeks............

I think by fold they may have meant bounced from playoffs


Great for sure, let's hope Bell and Larry T can work together to make the Argos a real respected franchise again in the Toronto area. I think a lot of people in Toronto don't like that Braley owns another team in the CFL and rightly or wrongly ridiculed the Argos and CFL because of this.

Has anything been decided on what they are doing in terms of dimensions and surface for the end zones ?

This was merely an initial render and not what it will look like.

It will not be an enclosed stadium, the field will be offset most likely, with shorter end zones. Depending on if they care how short the field is they then centre the field but I doubt that will happen.

The north stands are being taken away. It's going to be a higher capacity THF with a roof over only 3 and not 4 roofs as was initially proposed.

Also they are no longer looking at hybrid turf apparently, but going to try and make it work with grass. It's expected that grass likely won't work in the long term, and they will switch back to plastic.

I don't condone this kind of stuff but there is something ironic about the Red Patch Boys being bullied. Ahhh when the shoe is on the other foot...

After doing this kind of stuff last week.

Quote Originally Posted by Ultra & Proud View Post Tweets coming out saying traveling TFC fans are banned from the match due to the illegal smoke at yesterday's match. This is a MLS sanction, not the Impact's and supposedly not the first time they've done it (although I recall no other time).

So 9 years for a playoff game and not only do we not have a home one but now may not be allowed to go to the away one. Classic.
From what I heard, there was a fire set in the stands by TFC supporter(s). Looked like it burned pretty big too.

They went to montreal with this attitude
Originally Posted by Redcoe15 View Post we got 'em where we want them! We will see seba pot in a bushel against the limpact in front of their arrogant piece of shit fans on their own home turf this week as tfc will kick the limpact out of the playoffs on their way to the title!
And this is how they left
What crap is it that I hear about my fellow RPB family and other supporters led out of Saputo by security into essentially the darks woods only to have Ultra types waiting to jump them. Then the police proceeded to pepper spray and arrest some of our fellow supporters including RPB. When one of them is our boy Walms who does not have bad bone in his body who fell victim to this, shame on Montreal.

Where did you hear that. Any of the stories I read when they announced the 2016 Grey Cup was going to be played at BMO indicated Hybrid Turf was being installed still.

[url=] ... e26629188/[/url]
BMO Field, the home of Toronto FC, is slated to undergo another round of renovation after the current Major League Soccer season.

A canopy will be installed on three sides as well as a new lighting and sound system. A new hybrid grass surface will also be put in, which uses natural grass but reinforces it with artificial roots.

The renovation will also install seats that can be rolled back in the north and south stands to accommodate the longer CFL field and end zones. The first phase of renovations, completed before the current season, expanded stadium capacity to 30,000 with the addition of 8,400 seats in the east grandstand.

Additional washrooms, concessions and premium fans options were also added. The video board in the north stand was replaced by a larger HD display.

I for one would hate to see that kind of mob mentality come into fruition with the CFL. Fortunately, the CFL or football in general just has a different culture/DNA in its bones and, at least at its best, a product that doesn't require heavy drinking to watch.

hate to break it to you but it's not actually Real Grass.

it's a Hybrid style.

Sorry, I don't have a source it was something I had been reading, perhaps on the Red Patch Boy's forum, about how repairs are too difficult with hybrid fields, given the artificial parts. And that apparently MLSE has realized repairs would almost certainly be needed no matter the surface, so they will use real grass as repairs would be easiest.

Kind of makes sense to me.

I will try to find out where I read that for you guys.

I think there's a good chance of going back to artificial turf, or keeping grass and rolling out field turf for the Argos.

Interesting. Makes sense to me about the high cost involved with hybrid turf. Football players are complainers (for years the NFL played games in baseball stadiums with dirt infields and it was just part of the game) so they will play on concrete if necessary so rolling out artificial turf would be fine I'm sure if that option is decided in the long run.

How could they roll out field turf for the Argos? it needs an altogether different base, a pourous concrete type base to support the field turf, you can't just lay artificial turf on top of grass it would be uneven and kill the grass.
Besides where would they store artificial turf ? if you rolled up 150 yards of artificial turf the roll would be higher than the stands and take up a quarter of the field.... :roll: :roll: :roll:

Real grass or a hybrid at BMO is there to stay, they just spent millions on in ground heating and drainage. Half the NFL fields have gone back to real grass or a hybrid because of the in ground heating technology.
I'm sure MLSE would rip out the grass, rip up the new heating system, rip out the drainaige, lay a concrete floor go out and buy artificial turf just for the Argos............. :oops: :oops:

I don't know why you are rolling your eyes. This is just what I've read.

I think it is absolutely possible they could find an arrangement where artificial turf goes over top of the grass. There was something I read where Wembley stadium had a motocross type of event and they covered the grass and everything was fine, believe it or not.

Regarding the turf being rolled up: what do you think they do with the Argo's turf at Rogers Centre, they don't share with the Jays, they have there own turf, the same crappy stuff from at least 2012, while the Jays have new turf this year. They certainly won't let it be ruined by football lines.

Oops, mean't to say football players aren't complainers.

Didn't know they did that at RC brad. Certainly doesn't seem like it would be all that difficult to lay turf over grass, might not be a smooth as laying turf over turf but I'm sure it can be done and I'm sure the grass at BMO is quite level.