BMO Field Pictures

Just in case some of you don't look at the league forum and/or have not driven into Toronto recently and are wondering what the new BMO Field that the Cats will play at twice next month (one pre-season game June 11 and the regular season opener June 23) looks like - here are some recent shots as it gets ready for the TFC opener this weekend. (Many of these pics are off the Red Patch Forum)

From Tomas Macacek on Twitter

growing lights to help with the real grass field. (The endzones wil be Field Turf I believe)

I cant wait for the season to start.

Looks better now! :rockin:

It is ready for the game tomorrow. FYI - even though you can't really tell in this photo - the north end zone is all Field Turf. Real grass from the goal line at the north end into the south end zone - with about half the south end zone also Field Turf.

This shot from this morning on the Argos Twitter feed.

Is the current football field a full sized CFL regulation field? I thought I heard somewhere that it was 5 or 10 yards shorter, due to the configuration of the original BMO.

I believe it's 6 yards shorter- 17 yard end zones.

Here are some pics of the Arblow locker room, impressive!


Went to a Toronto FC game.... not impressed with BMO at all. THF is 1000% better. Tip: make sure you're in shape if your sitting in the upper seats.... and no drinking during the game... unless you want to attempt those stairs again after a bathroom run...

I've been a few times, either upper West stand or lower East, and I thought it was pretty decent. Never been up in the new upper East stand though. I'm in 109 for Canada vs Italy rugby on the 26th, maybe I'll take a walk up there if it's open.

According to this great look at BMO in this TSN report the end zones are 18 yards long.

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But even at that shortened length there is NO ROOM between the back of the end zone and the wall at the south end. You don’t want your QB calling a fly pattern deep into the end zone - that’s for sure.

Man!! that is tight!

Very dangerous -- both the wall and that polished concrete surface are way too close to the field of play. It's a set up for serious injuries, IMO. Scratch the corner routes from the Red Zone play book.

I see what you mean, cleats on that polished concrete will be like stopping on on ball bearings. :thdn:

Polished concrete?? :lol:

It looks to me like field turf is installed right up to the wall and the wall is covered with rectangular sections of thick padding.

Polished concrete ?? :lol:

Any pushout in the endzone should be an automatic roughing penalty. Makes Ivor Wynnes sidelines look completely safe.

Look again Seymour , he is talking about this picture where the field turf cuts off to nothing but solid concrete between the end zone seating and the grandstand. It looks like it would definitely be a suicide mission for a receiver sent out on a corner route or even a tight fade route in the Red Zone.

Much better than what they had I’m sure. Does not compare to the Cats locker room. Those Panoramic pics make it look bigger than it is I feel.

Yep. Even if guys stay upright as they go out of bounds, the cleats they wear for natural grass (or modern artificial grass) act almost like ice skates on smooth concrete. Used to see it at Skydome too. If they’d even tape some thin rubber matting there during games, players would at least have a fighting chance to stay on their feet.

Do you want field turf installed right out to the parking lot?

There are several feet of field turf installed past the dead line and side line in that area and the safety padding extends right to the end of the end zone stands which curve slightly toward the field to form a "catchment" area in case someone runs out of bounds. I don't see a major problem.
Perhaps receivers will adjust their routes in that area and DBs may adjust coverages accordingly.... advantage Argos. :smiley:

You don't see a problem ? Seriously ? Give yer head a shake on that one. By way of comparison here is the one end zone at THF lots of run off for the receivers and far less dangerous and hazardous all around.